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  • Can Moissanite diamonds require maintenance like diamonds?

    Moissanite   Read More>

  • How to take care of and avoid the dropping of moissanite?

    Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, which symbolizes the lovely love and also life. It must be inlaid with other steels to make Moissanite right into fashion jewelry. If it is inlaid improperly or over an extended period of time, it will become loose. What should I do if the Moissanite ring mistaken   Read More>

  • Nine special optical effects of gemstones

    Different gemstones have different colors because of their unique physical structure, gemstones have some special optical effects under illumination.1. Starlight effectThe arc-shaped convex gemstone is illuminated by a point source, and the surface of the gemstone exhibits an optical phenomenon of f   Read More>

  • The cost of lab diamond is not cheap

    diamonds varies,diamond marketdiamond crystalsdiamond vs moissanite vs cubic zirconia The cost of lab diamond is not cheap With the rapid development of technology and the continuous improvement of technology, Synthetic diamonds have gradually come into and occupied the public and breaking the price   Read More>

  • How to choose between a natural diamond of 50 points and 1ct lab diamond?

    natural diamond vs lab diamond GIA diamond lab grown diamonds How to choose between a natural diamond of 50 points and 1ct lab diamond? Diamonds sparkle and shine, and their price and recovery value have always been a great concern. In recent years, the concept of lab diamonds has gradually emerge   Read More>

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