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OTHER Shape Synthetic Quartz

Synthetic quartz's flawless clarity and optical perfection lets it be cut into virtually any shape. Some other unique shapes include:

  • Pendeloque - Oval with pear shaped ends

  • Shield - Squared shape with convex sides

  • Bi-Octagon - Combining an octagon and square outline

  • Hexagon - Six sided geometric shape

  • Crescent - Semicircular or U-shaped outline

  • Briolette - Teardrop faceted shape

  • Linecut - Rectangular bar with parallel facets

  • Tetrahedron - Four identical triangular faces

  • Cabochon - Smooth rounded dome, unfaceted

These and many more shapes display the brilliance and beauty of synthetic quartz. The precisely calculated faceting maximizes light refraction, dispersion and scintillation. Shapes with straight lines and pointed corners nicely complement the flawless clarity of quartz. Whatever shape you choose, synthetic quartz makes a stunning, environmentally conscious alternative to traditional gemstones.

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