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   WUZHOU MESSI GEMS CO., LTD established in 2012, specializes in manufacturing Lab Grown Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.
  After 10-year development, we have built a comprehensive production and service system that covers everything from loose diamond customization to high-end jewelry. With extensive experience in foreign trade sales, we proudly served more than 2500 clients globally.
  Thanks to our team of 25 skilled workmen, we produce 2,000 carats of IGI-certified Lab Grown Diamonds on a monthly basis.
  In our jewelry-making process, we have dedicated departments for drawing, modeling, stone-inlaid, polishing, and order supervision. With this workforce of 36 skilled employees, we are capable of fulfilling both personalized custom orders and mass production requests.
  We are best lab-grown diamond companies,We take pride in our IGI Polished Diamond Grader as well as our professional and experienced diamond sales team. Your designs and specifications for OEM or ODM are warmly welcome.
  Our company has two international brands, Messi Jewelry focuses on lab-grown diamonds and high-end jewelry customization, while Messi Gems focuses on lab grown diamonds wholesale, natural gems, moissanite, zircon, natural stones, and other gemstones as well as stock silver jewelry.
  To state at the forefront of the industry, we participate in renowned exhibitions such as Las Vegas JCK in the United States, Inhorgenta Munich in Germany, Hong Kong International Gems Fair, and the Shanghai exhibition annually.
With all the above advantages, we have won praise from customers from all over the world for our excellent quality and service.

Messigems Growth

Our vision: to become a leader in domestic e-commerce and a leader in cross-border e-commerce.


Stock Over 5000pcs of Lab Diamond Jewelry. Brand “Messi Jewelry” is promoted world wide.


Serving around thousands of clients from all overthe world, helping hundreds of clients in building jewelry brands.


We opened diamond factory in 2017. 
Became a team over 100.


2014, Renamed "MESSI GEMS" Unmanned auto machines were introduced. 1st HK Jewelry Show


Production technology grew mature,
Accept OEM orders.Became a team of 20 people.


Introduced 3 Machines and Production
Techniques from Taiwan and European.


Began gemstone hand cutting business.
A team of 5 people.
Lab grown diamond factory
There are several factors that come into play when determining the best lab-grown diamond companies:

1. Quality: The quality of lab-grown diamonds is paramount. Look for companies that produce diamonds with high standards of clarity, colour and cut to ensure you receive a beautiful and brilliant gem.

2. Certifications: Reputable lab-grown diamond companies should adhere to industry standards and hold certifications from recognised organisations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

3. Transparency: Transparency is essential in the diamond industry. Look for companies that provide detailed information about their production process, including the origin of their diamonds and their ethical and environmental practices.

4. Customer reviews: Customer reviews provide valuable insight into the reputation and reliability of lab-grown diamond companies. Positive reviews from satisfied customers can indicate a company's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Artificially simulated diamonds are not a scam; they are genuine diamonds with similar chemical compositions and physical properties to natural diamonds. Although they are synthesized through artificial methods, they are not fake or fictitious. Due to the low production and high prices of natural di
  • Approaching the purchase of lab grown diamond with a rational understanding of market trends, knowledge of personal needs, and making informed choices will contribute to a satisfying shopping experience.
  • Physical Properties of simulated diamond vs CZ Although man-made diamonds and zircons are very similar in appearance, and some are even more transparent than zircons, their physical properties are very different. One of the most obvious differences is weight and hardness. While diamonds are one of

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