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Cubic Zirconia Shapes

  With its unparalleled optical properties, cubic zirconia can be fashioned into virtually any imaginable shape to maximize brilliance. Some of the most popular cuts for cubic zirconia include:

Round - This classic 57-facet cut offers flawless symmetry and radiance. The rounded outline contrasts beautifully with pointed facets. Optimized proportions harness and reflect light. Round cubic zirconia has exceptional fire.

Cushion - Also called a pillow cut, the cushion shape has rounded sides and corners. Its gentle curves contrast with straight faceting. Cushion cut cubic zirconia has a soft, romantic allure.

Princess - This contemporary square cut has four beveled sides and sharp corners. Princess cut cubic zirconia looks striking set in modern jewelry. The cropped corners create the illusion of greater size.

Oval - Cubic zirconia ovals combine the sparkle of rounds with a glamorous elongated shape. Oval cut cubic zirconia works well in solitaires.

Emerald - With its wide step-cut facets, emerald cut cubic zirconia has a hall of mirrors effect. The rectangular shape highlights cubic zirconia's clarity.

Radiant - This square cut combines step facets with cropped corners. Radiant cubic zirconia amplifies brilliance through precise faceting.

Pear - Resembling a teardrop, pear cut cubic zirconia has a tapered point and rounded end. The unique shape flatters the stone.

Asscher - The Asscher cut is a square emerald shape with cropped corners. Cubic zirconia Asschers conceal inclusions well.

No matter the shape, premium cut cubic zirconia will showcase maximum sparkle, brilliance, and fire. With its exceptional hardness, cubic zirconia can be fashioned into almost any inspired shape imaginable.

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