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OTHER Shape Corundum

Thanks to corundum's durability and clarity, this remarkable mineral can be fashioned into virtually any shape. Some more unique cuts include:

  • Shield - Squared shape with convex sides

  • Hexagon - Six-sided symmetrical cut

  • Ball or Sphere - Multifaceted round shape

  • Briolette - Teardrop or drop cut with facets

  • Cabochon - Rounded unfaceted top, flat base

  • Rose - Domed top, flat or pointed base

Whatever inspired shape a jewelry designer dreams up, corundum's brilliance and color make it shine. The facets maximize light reflection and dispersion. Cuts with straight lines and points complement corundum’s crystalline structure. For one-of-a-kind adornments, corundum takes any form to the highest level of beauty.

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