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  Discover our collection of exquisite Lab-created gemstones and fine Jewelry. We specialize in producing stunning Lab grown diamonds, Moissanites, Corundum, and CZ in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

  Our lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds but cost significantly less. Enjoy the scintillating brilliance and fire of a diamond without the high price tag. We offer round, princess, cushion, emerald, and Asscher cut diamonds in various clarities and colors.

  Our vibrant moissanite gems have exceptional brilliance and fire surpassing traditional diamonds. These durable, ethical gems come in a variety of cuts and colors like colorless, yellow, pink, blue, and green.

  CZ, our cubic zirconia, sparkles like a diamond with its optical clarity and dispersion. This affordable diamond alternative comes in many colors like white, blue, yellow, pink, and lavender.

  In addition to our wide selection of lab-created gemstones, we also offer beautiful jewelry settings in gold, silver, and platinum. Choose from timeless Solitaires, modern Halo,Vintage-inspired designs, and more. We also provide custom design services - bring us your vision and we'll turn it into a wearable work of art.

  Our pieces showcase the beauty of science and innovation. Shop our collection online or visit our showroom to see these stunning lab-created gems and jewelry pieces in person today.
   WUZHOU MESSI GEMS CO., LTD established in 2012, specializes in manufacturing Lab Grown Diamond and Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.
  After 10-year development, we have built a comprehensive production and service system that covers everything from loose diamond customization to high-end jewelry. With extensive experience in foreign trade sales, we proudly served more than 2500 clients globally.
  Thanks to our team of 25 skilled workmen, we produce 2,000 carats of IGI-certified Lab Grown Diamonds on a monthly basis.
Over 5000 carats stock​​​​​​​
Large carat custom diamonds up to 20 carat​​​​​​​
Tailor-made high end jewelry service
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