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Brand Name: Messigems Gemstone Material: Moissanite Gemstone Color: D E F Gemstone Shape: Round Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
* Hardness: 9.25 * Refraction Index: 2.17 * Density: 5.9-6.3 g/cm³ * Melting Point: 2800 c° * Wax Casting: Yes
Brand Name: Messigems Gemstone Material: Moissanite Gemstone Color: D E F Gemstone Shape: OCT Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
Brand Name: Messigems Gemstone Material: Moissanite Gemstone Color: D E F Gemstone Shape: Round Gemstone Weight: 4ct Gemstone Size: 10mm Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
About Messi Gemstones
Wuzhou Messi Gems Co.,is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic gemstone & 14k 18k gold jewelry in Wuzhou,Guangxi,China, since 1998,with more than 50 employees,monthly average production about 50 million pcs. 
We specialize in manufacturing moissanite, synthetic diamond, 14k 18k gold jewelry, cubic zirconia gemstone,glass gemstone,synthetic spinel ,synthetic ruby ,nano gemstone and other synthetic stones in various shapes,sizes and colors, OEM are welcomed. With more than 14 years' experiences in manufacturing and exporting, we export to all over the world, U.S.A, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Australia, Russia, Columbia, U.K.,etc, With excellent quality,competitive price , intimate after-sales service, Messi Gems wins a good reputation among customers.
Professional,concentrative,be absorbed in every details.That's what we do for you. Contact us for free quotes and samples!Visit our website for more information, www.messigems.com
Why Messi Gems ——
Choose professional lab diamond and moissanite manufacturer
Ufficient Stock of various shapes; sizes; colors.

Output: 200 million pieces monthly. Fast Shipping: 1-2 days (Stock)

One to One pre and after sale service.Replies are within 24 hours.
High quality
Excellent service
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This supplier was wonderful to work with. They provided a beautifully cut, high quality stone - exactly what I was looking for! Communication was so easy. Mary was the best to work with!
Working with Alice is a pleasure. Very good, professional communication & service. The moissanite & engraving are of excellent quality. Am very satisfied.
Very happy. Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging and delivery. Great company, customer service and product. I look forward to bringing more business here in the future.


All The Messi Gemstones Are With Certifications
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How to take care of and avoid the dropping of moissanite?
12 July 2021

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, which symbolizes the lovely love and also life. It must be inlaid with other steels to make Moissanite right into fashion jewelry. If it is inlaid improperly or over an extended period of time, it will become loose. What should I do if the Moissanite ring mistaken

Nine special optical effects of gemstones
13 July 2020

Different gemstones have different colors because of their unique physical structure, gemstones have some special optical effects under illumination.1. Starlight effectThe arc-shaped convex gemstone is illuminated by a point source, and the surface of the gemstone exhibits an optical phenomenon of f

loose moissanite.jpg
What is the meaning of lab grown diamond?
15 September 2021

Lab grown diamonds are cultivated in a laboratory to simulate the natural formation environment of natural gemstones and to produce gemstones with the same composition and characteristics as natural gemstones (HPHT high-temperature and high-pressure method). CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technolog

loose hthp diamond.jpg
What are the advantages of lab grown diamonds?
17 September 2021

By mimicking the growth atmosphere of all natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are grown in a plasma reactor right into rough diamonds equivalent to all natural diamonds. The layout is motivated by the process of expanding diamonds in a lab the seed remains in black graphite It progressively expan

What is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond?
16 August 2021

When it comes to artificially lab grown diamonds, you must have many questions, such as what is the difference between synthetic and artificial/cultivated? Can artificially cultivate diamonds and natural diamonds be distinguished by identification? Is there a competitive relationship between the two

MessiJewelry Ring processing video.png
Why do most people select Moissanite diamond as jewelry?
23 August 2021

A well-known blog writer made an assessment as well as acquired several Moissanite diamonds and also domestic Moissanite for screening as well as contrast. The color of Moissanite diamond is within the DEF color range, and the clearness is internally perfect or perfect;The color of domestic Moissani

Three reasons for laboratory culture of diamonds
09 August 2021

For centuries, people have gone to great lengths to mine diamonds. From India to Brazil, from Brazil to South Africa, from South Africa to Russia, people have searched for diamonds in the rebirth of prehistoric carbon. Today, extremely shiny lab grown diamonds can be grown in a lab in just a few wee

Reasons for the popularity of lab-grown diamond
06 August 2021

With the abundance of material life and the continuous improvement of people's taste and style, diamond has become a necessity for people to fall in love and get married. In recent years, Lab-grown diamonds have gradually entered people's view, some friends will ask: What is a Lab-grown diamond? Why

no photo
I want to get moissanite, exactly how do I know what price appropriates to get?
30 July 2021

Currently, not only the top quality of Moissanite on the market is uneven, however the price also varies greatly. Take residential Moissanite and Belgian Moissanite as examples, there is a huge rate gap in between both. The very same is also Moissanite, why is it just a couple of hundred pieces of l

no photo
Are Moissan diamonds rubies?
03 August 2021

Over the last few years, a sort of gemstone called "Moissanite" has actually ended up being prominent in the circle of good friends. Compared with diamonds, it is cheaper and also attractive. Numerous customers and also friends have actually asked us regarding Moissan diamonds. Today, it is necessar

moissanite gold ring.jpg
8 ideas for purchasing premium moissanite
07 July 2021

Moissanite is worthy of your cherished. Just like treating your enthusiast, the minute when you put a ring on your lover deserves everlasting commemoration. For a long time, the Moissanite ring showed up frequently at the start of our days and also remained to be done. One wonderful love story after

Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?
25 June 2021

lab grown diamond

The Difference Between lab grown and Moissanite Diamonds
21 June 2021

Lab-grown diamonds and moissanite diamonds are not the same things, but they are often used as a substitute for natural diamonds. The similar appearance makes it difficult for consumers to distinguish between them, and even some laymen cannot clearly explain the concept of the two. So, what is the d

no photo
The development history of Lab grown diamonds.
20 June 2021

If you put CVD and HPHT diamonds and lab grown natural diamonds in front of everyone's eyes, they too are crystal clear, full of fire, and look exactly the same. However, natural diamonds are formed over a billion years or more, while lab grown diamonds are formed in days.Natural diamonds are formed

lab diamond.jpg
Do you know lab grown diamonds?
15 June 2021

Do you know lab grown diamonds?The relationship between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds is like ice in a glacier and ice in a refrigerator. Both are nice. Someone also made a vivid analogy. A lab grown diamond and a natural diamond are like the relationship between a naturally conceived baby and a test tube baby.

CAD white gold ring.png
Messi gold Jewelry Customized Service and Return Policy
26 April 2021

Jewelry Customized Service:Messigems accept Make-to-order, We can customize any jewelry designs according to your requirements. 1) Send us your design (picture, idea, or sample) with details, metal, stone, size, etc. 2) 50% Deposit before CAD drawing making.

made diamond.png
Scientists achieve made diamonds in the laboratory" in just a few minutes
22 February 2021

Natural diamonds often "hide" in 150 kilometers deep in the earth, and only be formed after billions of years under extremely high pressure and an environment exceeding 1000°C. According to the physicist organization network news, a research team led by the Australian National University and the Roy

lab diamond shape.jpg
Lab grown diamonds are no longer distinguishable from natural diamonds
06 April 2021

A long time has passed since man discovered the diamond. There is nothing more special about a diamond than its hardness. We are often under the impression that hardness is synonymous with metals, which are supposed to be considerably harder than diamonds. In reality, however, diamonds are the harde

The difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds
17 December 2020

Are natural diamonds better than laboratory diamonds? If their 4 C's of diamond grading are the same, well at least, they look like the same to the naked eye.1.4C's. It's no easy to compare the color and clarity of Lab grown diamond and artificial diamond.


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