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the most popular gems contain Lab diamonds,Moissanite,Cubic zirconia,synthetic stone,gold jewelry,etc
Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Moissanite
Gemstone Color: D E F
Gemstone Shape: Round
Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
* Hardness: 9.25
* Refraction Index: 2.17
* Density: 5.9-6.3 g/cm³
* Melting Point: 2800 c°
* Wax Casting: Yes
Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Moissanite
Gemstone Color: D E F
Gemstone Shape: OCT
Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Moissanite
Gemstone Color: D E F
Gemstone Shape: Round
Gemstone Weight: 4ct
Gemstone Size: 10mm
Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable
About Messi Gemstones
 Wuzhou Messi Gems Co.,is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic gemstone & 14k 18k gold jewelry in Wuzhou,Guangxi,China, since 1998,with more than 50 employees,monthly average production about 50 million pcs. 
We specialize in manufacturing moissanite, synthetic diamond, 14k 18k gold jewelry, cubic zirconia gemstone,glass gemstone,synthetic spinel ,synthetic ruby ,nano gemstone and other synthetic stones in various shapes,sizes and colors, OEM are welcomed. With more than 14 years' experiences in manufacturing and exporting, we export to all over the world, U.S.A, Brazil, Mexico, Greece, Australia, Russia, Columbia, U.K.,etc, With excellent quality,competitive price , intimate after-sales service, Messi Gems wins a good reputation among customers.
Professional,concentrative,be absorbed in every details.That's what we do for you. Contact us for free quotes and samples!Visit our website for more information, www.messigems.com
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Why Messi Gems ——
Choose professional lab diamond and moissanite manufacturer
Ufficient Stock of various shapes; sizes; colors.

Output: 200 million pieces monthly. Fast Shipping: 1-2 days (Stock)

One to One pre and after sale service.Replies are within 24 hours.
High quality
Excellent service
What People Say
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gemstone wholesaler lab diamond wholesaler
  This supplier was wonderful to work with. They provided a beautifully cut, high quality stone - exactly what I was looking for! Communication was so easy. Mary was the best to work with!
gemstone supplier moissanite supplier
  Working with Alice is a pleasure. Very good, professional communication & service. The moissanite & engraving are of excellent quality. Am very satisfied.
Gemstone Buyer gemstone buyer
  Very happy. Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging and delivery. Great company, customer service and product. I look forward to bringing more business here in the future.


All The Messi Gemstones Are With Certifications
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2 carat lab made diamond.JPG
How to take care of and avoid the dropping of moissanite?
12 July 2021

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, which symbolizes the lovely love and also life. It must be inlaid with other steels to make Moissanite right into fashion jewelry. If it is inlaid improperly or over an extended period of time, it will become loose. What should I do if the Moissanite ring mistaken

Nine special optical effects of gemstones
13 July 2020

Different gemstones have different colors because of their unique physical structure, gemstones have some special optical effects under illumination.1. Starlight effectThe arc-shaped convex gemstone is illuminated by a point source, and the surface of the gemstone exhibits an optical phenomenon of f

diamond ring.jpg
Why people choose cultivated diamond
15 September 2022

Lab grown diamonds are now referred to as lab diamond, which are produced from a slice of natural or cultivated diamond rough as a "seed", using high purity methane, hydrogen, and other gases to form carbon ions at high temperature and low pressure in a microwave plasma generator. Hydrogen and other

CVD Diamond Growth Laboratory.png
The advantages and prospects of synthetic diamonds
02 August 2022

Laboratory hacking technology compresses diamond cultivation time to the extreme Diamond is a solid form of the element carbon. It has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any natural material and is extremely chemically stable, properties that allow it to be used in a wide range of ind

lab grown diamonds wholesale.jpg
Features about wholesale lab grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones
29 July 2022

Wholesale lab grown diamonds and moissanite gemstones are gaining in popularity, mainly because they come with many benefits. In this article, we will discuss some of the key features of these gems, as well as give you a few tips on how to buy them.What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

moissanite diamond.jpg
Why You Should Buy a Moissanite jewelry
26 July 2022

To be honest, if you want to look nice, buy moissanite, it's hard enough to look like a real diamond, it's more sparkly and clearer, and it's cheaper. Who cares if it's a natural diamond or a moissanite! Besides, jewellery is all about matching your own personality, so as long as it's beautiful en

You can buy Lab diamonds at any time
15 June 2022

Lab grown diamond is a large single crystal of gem-quality diamond that meets certain standards of color, weight and purity in man-made diamonds. Lab diamonds differ from natural diamonds only in their growth environment, while the chemical composition, physical and chemical properties and optical p

pear man made diamond.jpg
Can the naked eye distinguishing a lab grown diamond from a natural one?
02 June 2022

Lab-grown diamondsSynthetic diamondsman made diamonds. Can the human eye tell the difference between lab grown diamond Lab grown diamond are real diamonds. The physical and chemical properties of lab grown diamond are identical, and the only difference is the environment in which they are formed, s

Synthetic gold.jpg
Is it possible to synthetize Diamonds and Gold?
20 July 2022

Is it possible to synthetize Diamonds and Gold? The manufacturing process of graphite to diamond, a piece of bullet can be crystallized ten times under the pressure of about 560,000 times the sea level, more than 150 kilometers below the surface of the earth, to become diamond. With the change of ti

man made diamonds.jpg
Are lab diamond profitable?
14 July 2022

When man-made diamond was introduced, many people actually did not know about it, because industrial diamond is mainly used as a processing tool, which is too far from our life. To give a few examples, for example, glass cutters for scribing glass can be active in the processing of glass products. F

loose moissanite jewelry.jpg
Three reasons to buy moissanite diamonds
25 June 2022

If it's just for aesthetics, then buying a moissanite diamond is enough, it's almost as hard as a real diamond but more sparkly and transparent, but much cheaper. So who cares if it's a natural diamond or a moissanite! What's more, jewelry is meant to serve people, as long as it is beautiful and spa

Lab CVD Rough Diamond.jpg
Are Man made stone worth anything?
11 July 2022

The day before yesterday, a senior jeweler sent a message out of the blue in the middle of the night because her client wanted to make a high-LV diamond set, but the budget was too far apart, so she was considering alternatives. I had talked to her about lab diamonds before, so I was excited to inqu

loose lab grown diamond.jpg
Emergence and Status of Lab Diamonds Technology
06 July 2022

Emergence and Status of Lab Diamonds Technology 1.Emergence Currently, Lab grown diamonds are the most popular among all diamond applications, and high-quality Lab grown diamonds have moved from the laboratory to the market. In 2016, Swarovski launched Diama, a brand of Lab grown diamonds, and in 20

lab grown diamond.jpg
Amazing! Diamonds can be "Grown"
22 June 2022

Using a natural diamond as a "seed", under high temperature and low pressure, the seed crystal piece slowly "grows" and can grow into a one-carat diamond in A week's time A "real diamond". The lab diamond are grown in this amazing laboratory in Hefei China, which can "grow" diamonds, and have the sa

round man made diamond.jpg
What should I look for when choosing Round Cut Moissanite?
26 August 2022

Round Cut Moissanite is one of the most classic in existence and has stood the test of time better than other exotic shapes. The sparkle of Round Cut Moissanite has attracted the attention of countless young people. Generally speaking, the quality of diamonds is always executed around the 4Cs, so pe

What should I look for when choosing Radiant Cut Moissanite?
18 August 2022

Combining the fire of a round brilliant with the elegance of an emerald cut diamond, the radiant moissanite has been popular since 1981. In recent years, the Radiant Cut Moissanite has also become a popular diamond cut shape for many brides. Radiant Cut Moissanite is a combination of a princess squa

What should I look for when buying a Marquise Moissanite?
30 August 2022

Also known as the 'horse's eye', the Marquise Moissanite has a curved side curve and a slender end. Due to its unusual shape, the Marquise Moissanite is larger from the front than other shapes of the same weight and can be worn with thinner fingers. So, how do I choose a Marquise Moissanite? There a

no photo
The trend toward Star Cut Moissanite Diamonds
24 August 2022

Moissanite diamonds were previously considered by many to be fake diamonds, without any market or demand, but now, with the development of the economy and the transformation of the market, the acceptability of Moissanite diamonds to consumers has gradually increased, from the beginning of purely ind

star eye mother of pearl.jpg
Market prospects for Star Cut Moissanite
16 August 2022

The "non-contact" business has recently caught fire overnight due to the impact of the new intensive coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, online business is in full swing in all areas. As for the more offline-oriented moissanite jewelry industry, it has already been greatly affected this spring.


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