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 We specialize in moissanite, hydrothermal emerald and all kinds of synthetic stones, such as cubic zirconia, syn.spinel, syn. Corundum, nano, nanosital, glass stone, druzy agate, crystal zircon etc.And White CZ any orders 5%off,Glass Stone all colors 10%off,Nano all colors 5%off,
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The chemical composition of synthetic spinel is MgAl2O3; the ratio of Al2O3, MgO is generally 2.5:1, it could up to 4:1(The ratio of Al2O3 and MgO in natural spinel is 1:1);It may contain elements such as Fe, Co, and Cr.Common colors of synthetic spinel are:colorless, light to dark blue, light to dark green, red, yellow, purple, dark blue(Imitation lapis lazuli).Mohs hardness: 8

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