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 The production of hd crystals has arisen due to industrial needs, and the emergence of colored hd crystals has made a significant contribution to the deficiency of natural colored crystals.First, the silicon tetrahedron in the hd crystal is a crystal structure in a regular arrangement,while the silicon tetrahedrons in the glass are irregularly arranged, and the physical properties of glass and hd crystals are still different,and the market price is also very different, so we can't confuse glass stone with hd crystal.After being smelted at high temperature, the crystal material has become a quartz glass material.It is also nonstandard to call synthetic crystals as artificial crystals.

 HD crystals are crystals formed under artificially provided relatively stable conditions.Therefore, its batch samples show excessive uniformity.Colorless synthetic crystals have a uniform high transparency, while color synthetic crystals show a uniform color,sometimes due to the concentration of the colorant, the color may be too deep, too shallow, and the color is dull and false.For example, synthetic amethysts can have a uniform dark purple color with a blue hue ,while natural amethysts generally have a phenomenon of uneven color , and the color is soft and real.

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