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  • Nine special optical effects of gemstones

    Different gemstones have different colors because of their unique physical structure, gemstones have some special optical effects under illumination.1. Starlight effectThe arc-shaped convex gemstone is illuminated by a point source, and the surface of the gemstone exhibits an optical phenomenon of f   Read More>

  • Lab grown diamonds are no longer distinguishable from natural diamonds

    A long time has passed since man discovered the diamond. There is nothing more special about a diamond than its hardness. We are often under the impression that hardness is synonymous with metals, which are supposed to be considerably harder than diamonds. In reality, however, diamonds are the harde   Read More>

  • Scientists achieve made diamonds in the laboratory" in just a few minutes

    Natural diamonds often "hide" in 150 kilometers deep in the earth, and only be formed after billions of years under extremely high pressure and an environment exceeding 1000°C. According to the physicist organization network news, a research team led by the Australian National University and the Roy   Read More>

  • The difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds

    Are natural diamonds better than laboratory diamonds? If their 4 C's of diamond grading are the same, well at least, they look like the same to the naked eye.1.4C's. It's no easy to compare the color and clarity of Lab grown diamond and artificial diamond.   Read More>

  • About HPHT/CVD diamond and diamond tester pen

    HPHT diamond method simulates the physical conditions under which natural diamonds grow. Therefore, man-made diamonds in theory are more close to natural diamonds. For technical development derives early from the West, diamonds created by this method was given the Chinese names “合成钻石” or “实验室钻石”,   Read More>

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