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  • Messijewelry Las Vegas Shows in September 2023
    MessiJewelry-2023 Las Vegas Jewelry Show has concluded successfully. Our company will actively participate in various large-scale jewelry shows. In order to show the strength of our company, and to show the strength and exquisite craftsmanship of our jewelry to the world. We welcome new jewele   Read More>
  • Pet ashes diamonds are becoming popular
    Recently, a small red book on the topic of "died puppy into a diamond" fire, the blogger said, in memory of the deceased love pet, she collected puppy ashes and her own hair, handed over to the company carbonized into a diamond ring. The price of these artificial diamonds is not expensive, one c   Read More>
  • How do you select a Lab grown diamond
    First, let's talk briefly about Lab grown diamonds, which are diamonds grown in a laboratory using certain techniques and processes to produce crystals with the exact same appearance, chemical composition, and crystal structure as natural diamond. A simple analogy can be made to say that natural di   Read More>
  • Custom Jewelry Making Process
    The director of our factory has more than 20 years of experience in the understanding and research of jewelry, and the factory mainly produces middle and high-end K gold jewelry and silver jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, rings and a series of jewelry. Our factory has a professional and matur   Read More>
  • How do I choose a Lab grown diamond?
    1. What exactly are lab grown diamond?lab grown diamond are produced in laboratories where the environment in which natural diamonds are formed is recreated using advanced techniques and equipment, and small diamond seeds are used to induce natural crystallization of the diamonds, producing diamonds   Read More>
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