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Synthetic Quartz Shape

  Synthetic quartz can be cut into almost any shape imaginable. Standard cuts include rounds, ovals, pears, marquises, cushions, and squares. More unique shapes are also possible, like hearts, trillions, and baguettes. The most popular shape is the round brilliant, with 58 facets that maximize light return and sparkle. Synthetic quartz in fancy shapes often showcases the stone's clarity, as broader facets tend to hide inclusions. Well-cut synthetics have superb polish and symmetry for optimal beauty. Shapes can be combined, as with emerald-cut center stones and trillion side stones. Bold cuts like the princess-cut square make a statement. Rose cuts, with a domed top and flat base, show a star effect. The possibilities are endless with synthetic quartz's flawless clarity and range of colors. The shape you choose depends on your design vision.

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