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 Synthetic cz is a silicate mineral that is the main ore for the extraction of metallic zirconium.Zircon is widely found in acidic igneous rocks, metamorphic rocks and other sediments. Its chemical properties are very stable, so gem-grade zircon can also be seen in the gravel of rivers.There are many kinds of artificial cz, and different artificial zircons have different colors, such as red, yellow, orange, brown, green or colorless and transparent.There are various colors of artificial cz on the market, which are collectively referred to as color cz in the industry.Evaluation of artificial zircon is generally carried out in terms of color, clarity, cut and weight.


 The most popular colors in cz are colorless and blue, with blue being the most valuable, and its color is bright and pure.Colorless cz should be free of any impurities, such as diamond-clear.In addition, pure green and yellow cz are particularly popular because they are particularly brighter than other gemstones.When evaluating colors, attention should also be paid to the stability of the color produced by heat treatment.


 Due to the large supply of flawless cz, the internal clarity of cz is also very high.The evaluation of colorless and blue zircon requires that no defects should be observed in the naked eye, and that the surface ridges are not damaged.


 Cutting ratio:The beauty of cz is largely due to its high refractive index and high dispersion,only when the proportion of cutting is appropriate, can these potential beauty be reflected and present a very bright feature.

Cutting direction:Since the cz has a high birefringence, a significant double-hatching will give the sample a fuzzy feeling.Therefore, the cutting should be such that the table top is strictly perpendicular to the optical axis direction,this also helps the pleochroic blue cz to obtain the purest blue color.


 The colorless and blue cz supplied on the market range from a few to 10 carats, but more than 10 carats are rare.

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