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 We specialize in moissanite, hydrothermal emerald and all kinds of synthetic stones, such as cubic zirconia, syn.spinel, syn. Corundum, nano, nanosital, glass stone, druzy agate, crystal zircon etc.And White CZ any orders 5%off,Glass Stone all colors 10%off,Nano all colors 5%off,
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Green is a energetic color, fresh and natural, symbolizing the hope of endless life.Therefore, green jewellery is also very popular, revealing luxury in simplicity, such as emerald.Synthetic emerald is an imitation of emerald and a substitute for it. It is synthesized by flux method or hydrothermal method.Many people think that the value of synthetic products is very low,this is not the case. Synthetic also requires very skilled technology to be able to achieve the same level as real emerald.

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