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Value and Price of Synthetic Gemstone

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Value and Price of Synthetic Gemstone

  As everyone knows, gems should have the three elements of "beautiful", "durable" and "rare". Some people think that there should be eight elements. They are "beautiful", "hard", "rare", "transparent", "stable" ","surprising "," harmless "and" weight and size ". Except for the "rare", synthetic stones cover all the above. 

  For thousands of years, gems have been with human beings. Not only has it beautified and enriched people's lives, but people have also found that gems have the value of decoration, value preservation, currency, medicine, collection and appreciation.


  Compared with natural gems, synthetic gems focus more on the "beautiful" features and the value of "decoration". In terms of beauty and decoration, synthetic gems can rival natural gems, sometimes even exceeding them.

 syn moissanite

  Because synthetic gems are a substitute for natural gems, we always require synthetic gems to be as close in color to natural gems as possible, the more realistic the better. Some of them even reach the highest grade of natural gems. 

  Therefore, synthetic gems Not only the color is beautiful, the transparency is good, the hardness is high, the crystals are good, but there are no cracks, no scabs, and the quality is good. It can achieve beautiful color, pure and flawless, and good texture, which is equivalent to or higher than the corresponding natural gems. They have such a good quality so it is hard to distinguish with natural gems.


  It can be seen that products made of synthetic gems as decorative materials for jewelry must be as beautiful as products made of similar high-grade natural gems. However, the high-grade natural gems are not only rare, they are difficult to be obtained, even they are easy to be obtained, and the price must be astonishingly high. 

  Synthetic stone are manufactured and produced in factories or laboratories. Not only the output can be controlled, but the price is also quite economical. Because of this, it is very natural for people to use synthetic gems as the main material for decorative fashion jewelry or synthetic jewelry.These jewelry are very beautiful but with affordable prices. They are popular with the masses, so go viral around the world.


  From the above, it is clear that the main value of synthetic gems is decoration.

 CZ stone

  However, it is important to point out that the concept of "rare" quantity of synthetic gems is relative. If compared with high-end products of similar natural gems, synthetic gems are not rare; but if compared with decorative materials, the number of synthetic stones is still "rare". In addition, many well-known synthetic gems, due to their age, will continue to increase in value over time, and some may even reach the level of collection.


  The price of synthetic gems is relatively economical compared to natural gems of the same color and quality. Its price range is related to the way of synthesis, the size of the yield, and other factors.


  For example, synthetic ruby, made by hydro-thermal, with difficult technology, expensive equipment, low output, is expensive. It belongs to the category of synthetic gems; glass cat eye, imitation of natural cymophanite, with easy technology, cheap equipment, high output, is not expensive, belongs to artificial gems. Compared with similar synthetic gemstones, the price varies greatly due to different synthetic methods.


  It can be seen that the prices of similar gems grown by different methods will not be the same because of the difficulty and the output. However, it is the fact that the price of synthetic gems is much economical than that of natural gems of the same quality.

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