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Attentions to jewelry maintenance

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Attentions to jewelry maintenance

Jewelry and jade will enhance our beauty, so we have to take care of them. After all, things will interact with each other, let me share with you some tips that need attention


 1.Avoid putting together with cosmetics

  If the ring is coated with cosmetics, the brightness will be weaken; especially diamonds, they are very easy to stick to oily cosmetics, so they must be separated strictly.


 2.Don't wear accessories when washing and bathing

  Pearls are afraid of acids and should not contact with detergents.


 3. Avoid chemical gases and polluted environment

  For example: all jewelry shall avoid exposing to sulfur. Emerald shall avoid exposing to pesticides or other sprays.

 jewelry washing

 4. Don’t wear gemstone jewelry when exercising or doing heavy work

  For example: sweat contains fatty acids and urea, so will have an eroding effect on pearls. As a result, there is a saying of "Pearl found in Lingnan (southern area of Chinashall be worn in Lingbei northern area of China", which means you can wear in northern areas for the cold and dry weather.


 5. Avoid mixing with other jewelry

  For example, hard diamonds can easily scratch other gemstones; therefore, they should be stored separately.


 6.Avoids mercury

  Amalgam, a vapor alloy of mercury, will be produced after mixing with gold.


 7.Avoid medicines

  Chemical reactions will take place when medicines contact with jewelry, changing jewelry’s color and quality.

 rings heavy work

 8.Avoid washing

  Pearl, turquoise, opal, coral, amber, etc. are absorbent. Use of detergent or water may cause cracking.


 9.Avoid high temperature

  Some gemstones, like opal, are not resistant to high temperatures, it may result in dehydrate and crack, or discolored. For example, above 55 °, jade will dissolve the wax layer on the surface and lose its protective effect, reducing the gloss of the wax.

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