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Why people choose cultivated diamond

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Why people choose cultivated diamond

Lab grown diamonds are now referred to as lab diamond, which are produced from a slice of natural or cultivated diamond rough as a "seed", using high purity methane, hydrogen, and other gases to form carbon ions at high temperature and low pressure in a microwave plasma generator.


Hydrogen and other gases are used to form carbon ions in a microwave plasma generator at a high temperature and low pressure, and these plasmas are deposited like dust.These plasmas are deposited like dust and crystallize on the "seed" diamond, and the seed pieces slowly grow larger and larger layer by layer.It is chemically and physically the same as a natural diamond, and it takes only half a month to grow a diamond of about 1 carat. A natural diamond.natural diamond takes millions or even hundreds of millions of years to grow. But if a large one-carat diamond grows in a laboratory only takes 5-7 days. Of course, the higher the carat size, the longer the growth time.


Compared to natural diamonds, lab diamond are more affordable, with lab diamond of the same quality grade being much cheaper than natural diamonds, in some cases only Some are even one-fifth the price of natural diamonds, making them more cost effective. For the same price, you can buy a larger cultivated diamond to meet your daily wear needs. In addition, the color and fire of lab diamond are the same as natural diamonds and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye.

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Lab-grown diamonds are becoming more and more accepted as a new option for everyday wear and wedding jewelry. Lab diamond, as one of the most important Once again, they are in the public eye, sparking a new wave of jewelry craze.


The price of a cultivated diamond is approximately 20-30% of that of a natural diamond. In other words, if you can accept a cultivated diamond as your wearable gemstone then you have the possibility of "diamond freedom". There are two commercially available methods of mass production of lab diamond: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT), and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). HPHT, and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).


In terms of price, they are worth buying. Lab diamond are relatively inexpensive, being about 1/4 of the price of a natural diamond with the same parameters. For example A one carat natural diamond with high color and clarity is about $80,000, while such a cultivated diamond costs about $20,000. There is no need for young people to spend a huge sum of money on a natural diamond ring by squeezing their future space. People could have spent their money on much more.


That's a sustainable way to grow. In the past, diamonds were often mixed with feelings of sacrifice and devotion because they were expensive and because some brands claimed that a person could only buy one in a lifetime.

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There was often a sense of sacrifice and dedication. Lab diamond, by being far less expensive than natural diamonds, can promote a more equal emotional relationship.


If the natural diamond symbolizes the passage from the past to the present, the cultivated diamond symbolizes the passage from today to the future, surrendering the value of time and embracing the possibilities of the future. In this sense, lab diamond are more in tune with "modernity".People are no longer obsessed with the external social attributes of something, such as whether a diamond is "rare" or not, or whether a diamond represents "true love", but are simply concerned with what kind of diamond can give Instead, they are purely concerned with what kind of diamond can bring us the beauty of the soul, which is the freedom people are gaining in jewelry.


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