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Simulated Diamond vs CZ

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Simulated Diamond vs CZ

Physical Properties of simulated diamond vs CZ

 Although man-made diamonds and zircons are very similar in appearance, and some are even more transparent than zircons, their physical properties are very different. One of the most obvious differences is weight and hardness. While diamonds are one of the hardest substances in nature, zircons are softer and about one-eighth as hard as diamonds. Also, in terms of weight, a diamond of the same size is much heavier than a zircon.

Methods of producing simulated diamond vs CZ

 Synthetic diamonds are produced by injecting carbon into silicon carbide at high temperature and pressure, and then waiting and working for several weeks to produce perfect diamond crystals. Zircon, on the other hand, is produced directly through an artificially created chemical reaction. Zircon is cheaper to produce and therefore relatively less expensive.

Prices of simulated diamond vs CZ

 Due to the very high cost of production and the fact that they are a precious natural mineral, man-made diamonds are very expensive, whereas zircon is a hand-cut gemstone that is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, although these two gemstones may look similar, their prices are very different.

Certificates for simulated diamond vs CZ

 Simulated diamond have a well-established grading system and authoritative certificates such as GIA, IGI, NGTC, etc. Zircon, on the other hand, does not have the same level of certification. Zircon does not have a more authoritative grading system.
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Thermal conductivity of man-made diamonds vs CZ

 Their thermal conductivity lies at two extremes. Cubic Circonia is an excellent insulator and can be used to insulate jet engines. Diamond, on the other hand, is one of the best conductors of heat, surpassing copper in its ability to conduct heat. With the right equipment, this property is the best way to distinguish between the two. Alternatively, you can blow on a gemstone and the haze will dissipate quickly on the surface of a man-made diamond, whereas a zircon will dissipate much slower due to the higher thermal conductivity of diamonds compared to zircon.

 Despite their similar appearance, they differ greatly in physical properties, production methods and price. If you want to buy a genuine man-made diamond and zircon, you must buy them from a reputable jewellery store and have them appraised by a professional institution.

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