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How to grade the quality of Moissanite

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How to grade the quality of Moissanite

 Moissanite has the same structure, physical properties and higher refraction effect as diamonds. Moissanite is the most embarrassing gemstone in the world. The jewellery people regard Moissanite as the best substitute for diamond. So how to determine the quality of Moissanite?


 Cutting, the high-quality Moissanite is carefully cut and processed by the cutter, and each angle is accurately calculated, so that Moissanite can achieve the best refraction effect. All the light entering the interior of the Moissanite will be refracted together to create a dazzling fire. The low-quality Moissanite, due to imperfect cutting, and some of the angles are too deep or too shallow, it will cause the light to diffuse and cannot be condensed together.


 Color, the color of Moissanite stone ranges from colorless to green, yellow and gray. The high-quality Moissanite is preferably colorless. At this time, the Moissanite stone is surper clear, and the light can be condensed and bloomed then formed a colorful fire effect. The low-quality Moissanite, because the color is not transparent enough, the light will be mixed into the variegated color, which will affect the vision.


 Clarity, the clarity refers to the amount of tiny needle-like impurities present during the formation of moissanite. The high-quality Moissanite, which is extremely rare, and it is indistinguishable by naked eye and has no effect on light refraction. The low-quality Moissanite has more impurities, which affects the refraction of light.

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