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China wholesale Octagon cut def vvs moissanite diamond stone

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Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Moissanite
Gemstone Color: D E F
Gemstone Shape: OCT
Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable

China wholesale Octagon cut def vvs  moissanite stone

Material: Synthetic Moissanite Diamond
Shape: Octagon Cut
Color: EF


weight: 2 carat
Quality Provide: Hand Cut
Sample Lead Time: 1-2 days
Delivery Time: 2-3days
Payment: Paypal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Custom Clearance: Certificate files can be provided (100% easy)
Shapes provide:

Round/ Pear/ Rectangle/ Octangle/ Square/ Heart/

Cushion/Marquise/ Triangle/ Oval/ Drop(Customize are welcome)

Color Provide:


What is moissanite?

  Moissanite has the chemical formula SiC and is a rare mineral, it is extremely rare and is found in tiny quantities, mainly in meteorites. All of the moissanite currently sold on the market is synthetic. Silicon carbide is useful for commercial and industrial applications due to its hardness, optical properties and thermal conductivity.

Moissanites vs Diamond

  Certified diamonds are graded on color and can be compared with one another. Moissanites stones are not graded on color.  As with diamonds, the smaller the moissanites, the more colorless it will look. Additionally, under certain lighting, moissanites may project a yellow or green hue.  

The biggest difference between Moissanite and Diamonds:

 1. Moissanite is silicon carbide and diamond is carbon;

 2. Moissanite stone will float when placed in specific gravity, and the specific gravity of the diamond will sink;

 3. The Moissanite stone has a ghost image, and there is no ghost image in the diamond body;

 4. Moissanite is a birefringent gemstone, and a diamond is a single-refraction gemstone;

 5. Moissanite stone fire color is warm light, diamond fire color is cold light;

 6. Most of the Moissanite is an electrical conductor, and the diamond is less of an electrical conductor.

Moissanite diamond Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Keep away from acid and alkali chemicals
 Acid-base chemicals will erode the surface of the Moissanite, reduce its aesthetics, and may damage its internal structural molecules and make its texture loose.

2. Do not expose to high temperature
  Under high temperature and strong light conditions, the Moissanite will expand and crack.

3. Regular cleaning and care
  Moissanite is lipophilic, so it needs to be rinsed regularly with clean water and dried with a soft cloth.

How to grade the quality of Moissanite?

 Clarity, the clarity refers to the amount of tiny needle-like impurities present during the formation of moissanite. The high-quality Moissanite, which is extremely rare, and it is indistinguishable by naked eye and has no effect on light refraction. The low-quality Moissanite has more impurities, which affects the refraction of light.

 Cutting, the high-quality Moissanite is carefully cut and processed by the cutter, and each angle is accurately calculated, so that Moissanite can achieve the best refraction effect. All the light entering the interior of the Moissanite will be refracted together to create a dazzling fire. The low-quality Moissanite, due to imperfect cutting, and some of the angles are too deep or too shallow, it will cause the light to diffuse and cannot be condensed together.

 Color, the color of Moissanite stone ranges from colorless to green, yellow and gray. The high-quality Moissanite is preferably colorless. At this time, the Moissanite stone is surper clear, and the light can be condensed and bloomed then formed a colorful fire effect. The low-quality Moissanite, because the color is not transparent enough, the light will be mixed into the variegated color, which will affect the vision.


Step 1: Testing Hardness

Step 2: Checking Quality、Clarity、Grade

Step 3: Checking Cutting

Step 4: Checking Color

Step 5: Packing Moissanite Into The Fine Box

Step 6: Labeling On The Box


Step 1: Moissanite Rough Cutting into Preformed

Step 2: Cutting into Shapes Faceting By Machine

Step 3: After Faceting First Quality Checking

Step 4: Finished Stone Quality Checking By Magnify Glass

Step 5: Testing Moissanite's Hardness 9.25 Mohs,Closed to Natural Diamond

Step 6: Perfect Cut,Perfect Gift The Perfect One For Your Jewelry

About Messigems

  Messi Gems is Located in “the City of Artificial Gemstone”,the biggest gemstone producing base and trading market–Wuzhou,China.

  Founded in 1998, we specialize in moissanite, hydrothermal emerald and all kinds of synthetic stones, such as cubic zirconia, syn.spinel, syn. Corundum, nano, nanosital, glass stone, druzy agate, crystal zircon etc. As one of the leading manufacturers and stone cutting factories,we have 20 machines, output reaches 6 million pieces per day. A sufficient inventory with various shapes and sizes of moissanite and all kinds of synthetic stones, delivery needs only 1-2 days. 


1.Q: Do you accept OEM service ?
A: YES, we accept OEM, can customized any designs based on your requirements.

2.Q: How can I get some sample?
A: Contact us, most of small size samples in stock .

3. Q: What is the payment term?
A: We accept PayPal,T/T, Money Gram and Western Union.

4.Q: Is Moissanite gemstone in stock?
A: YES, for small size 0.1-1carat moissanite gems is in stock. 1carat-2carat moissanite product time is 2-3days


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