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What should I look for when choosing Round Cut Moissanite?

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What should I look for when choosing Round Cut Moissanite?

Round Cut Moissanite is one of the most classic in existence and has stood the test of time better than other exotic shapes. The sparkle of Round Cut Moissanite has attracted the attention of countless young people. Generally speaking, the quality of diamonds is always executed around the 4Cs, so people will focus more on carat, cut, clarity, and color, come and have a look.

This is the list of contents

  • Cut

  • Fire Color

  • Safety

  • Selection advice


First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of the round cut. The round brilliant cut has a rounded girdle profile and asymmetrical distribution of triangular and kite-shaped facets. The number of facets in this cut can reach 58, a mastery of craftsmanship that ensures the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. When cut to ideal proportions, Round Cut Moissanite achieves maximum brilliance and light dispersion in particular, an advantage unmatched by any shape of a diamond, and because of this, Round Cut Moissanite is the most classic of all styles, standing the test of time and changing fashion.

Fire Color

Although not one of the 4Cs, fire color has a crucial impact on the sparkle of a diamond, and, thanks to its unique cutting process, Round Cut Moissanite has one of the most obvious advantages. Of course, Round Cut Moissanite is affected by many factors; the way light is refracted, the angle, etc. can all interfere with the fire color to some extent.


Although moissanite is a very hard jewel, it can still be cut or broken during everyday wear, so the safety of Round Cut Moissanite is also extremely important. During the selection process, take care to choose moissanite with a thin or sharp girdle, which tends to be more prone to damage, and note the type and distribution of inclusions around the girdle to determine if the Round Cut Moissanite is at risk of breakage.

Selection advice

(1) When shopping for Round Cut Moissanite, it is best to shop under the spotlight of a shopping mall. The red, blue, and yellow flashes observed by shaking or tilting are often referred to as fire, and it is also helpful to observe the obvious contrast in the sensitive areas of the diamond to avoid shopping for moissanite with too many dark areas.

(2) Pay attention to the light and dark areas created by the internal and external reflections of Round Cut Moissanite. Clear and sharp visual contrasts can also be created when the light and dark areas of moissanite are contrasted, but the dark areas are not too prominent or overly pronounced.

(3) Light has a significant impact on the appearance of Round Cut Moissanite and when selecting moissanite it is important to understand how it will look in different light conditions.

Round Cut Moissanite is extremely popular in diamond and wedding rings, not only for its beautiful symbolism but also for the deep blessing of completeness, coupled with the meaning of true love giving the only one, more so for the meaning of only one person in a lifetime, in my name, crowned between my fingers, a lifetime of companionship and a lifetime of romance.

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