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What is the meaning of lab grown diamond?

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What is the meaning of lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are cultivated in a laboratory to simulate the natural formation environment of natural gemstones and to produce gemstones with the same composition and characteristics as natural gemstones (HPHT high-temperature and high-pressure method). CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology can also be used for cultivation.


What is a lab-grown diamond?

Common types:

Differences from synthetic gemstones:


What is a lab-grown diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds mean that engineers analyze and master the chemical composition, physical characteristics, and natural causes of natural gemstones, and cultivate gemstones with the same composition and characteristics as natural gemstones by simulating the natural formation environment of natural gemstones in the laboratory.


High-quality lab grown diamonds must meet conditions that are infinitely close to those of natural stones in terms of chemical composition and physical properties. They have the same chemical composition and physical characteristics as natural stones, and their color saturation and clarity are comparable to natural stones. Because they are top-quality stones, they cannot be distinguished from natural stones by the naked eye and can only be identified by large equipment such as mass spectrometers.


Faceted gems cut and polished from cultivated stones are similar in appearance to natural stones, but are very different in price, at 1/4 to 1/8 the price of natural stones.


At the same time, the cultivation process of lab grown diamond is environmentally friendly, consuming far less energy per unit and causing far less damage to the environment than the mining activities of natural gemstones.


Common types:

The types of gemstones that can be cultured in the laboratory include diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Common methods for lab grown diamonds include high temperature and pressure (HPHT) and vapor deposition (CVD); common methods for cultivating red sapphires and emeralds include hydrothermal and co-solvent methods.


Differences from synthetic gemstones:

Humans have been synthesizing gemstones in the laboratory for over 100 years, such as synthetic diamonds and synthetic rubies. Although these products agree with natural stones in terms of chemical composition and some physical properties (e.g. hardness, refractive index), most physical properties, such as growth streaks, color saturation, clarity, dichroism, dispersion, etc., are very similar to natural stones. Large differences can be visually distinguished with the naked eye. Therefore, these products are mainly used in industrial applications. For example, synthetic diamonds are widely used in various abrasives, and synthetic rubies and sapphires are used in the manufacture of industrial bearings and optical lenses. Visually, these synthetic stones do not really reach the gem quality of natural stones but are only habitually called synthetic because of their identical composition.


Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds produced in high-tech instruments that simulate the environment necessary to produce natural diamonds in a natural setting. They are created by the best scientists, the most specialized engineers, and skilled technicians, and are the result of human technological ingenuity. Leonardo DiCaprio, who has invested in the company, has stated that he would be impressed by the company's goal of reducing the human and environmental toll of the diamond industry through sustainable diamond cultivation.


Lab-grown diamonds are true diamonds in every sense of the word, with the same chemical, physical, atomic, light, and all properties as natural diamonds; lab-grown diamonds are diamonds produced and manufactured using artificial methods that mimic the crystalline properties of natural diamonds.

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