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Three reasons to buy moissanite diamonds

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Three reasons to buy moissanite diamonds

If it's just for aesthetics, then buying a moissanite diamond is enough, it's almost as hard as a real diamond but more sparkly and transparent, but much cheaper.


So who cares if it's a natural diamond or a moissanite! What's more, jewelry is meant to serve people, as long as it is beautiful and sparkling enough to express one's personality, The material is not so important.


 Moissanite has the advantage of being the world's most sparkling gemstone with a higher brilliance and refractive index than diamonds. Moissanite has a hardness of 9.25.

 loose moissanite jewelry

 It is the second hardest stone in the gemstone world, after the diamond. It is the second hardest stone in the gemstone world, and its brilliance, clarity, and fire characteristics remain constant when worn normally.


Secondly, natural diamonds are really expensive, and sometimes you can't afford to buy them without a hard heart. Natural diamonds are not affordable for everyone, but moissanite diamonds are Extremely similar to a diamond and more sparkly than a natural diamond!


There are many people are buying it as a diamond to wear! Even many people who have a bunch of hundred thousand diamond rings at home Even many people who have a bunch of hundred thousand diamond rings at home will still choose moissanite diamonds for daily decoration. Moreover, many of my friends say that actually buying a diamond ring is really just to satisfy their "princess heart", In fact, it is very wasteful to buy natural diamond rings, and some people are even afraid of losing their expensive rings on their wedding day instead of buying moissanite jewelry again.


Nowadays, there is almost no difference between moissanite diamonds and diamonds. Whether it is the color clarity or the cutting process, a good moissanite diamond can be indistinguishable . The Moissanite diamond is not a zircon. Moissanite diamonds are not zircon, they are much harder and brighter than zircon, Moissanite diamonds are not real diamonds, and their price/performance ratio is much higher than that of real diamonds. The price is also super suitable.

 moissanite diamond jewelry

 A customer who customized a moissanite ring with me later gave me feedback that the moissanite ring is much cheaper than a diamond, but the effect of wearing it Whether it's used as a wedding ring for exchange or for everyday wear, it looks good and doesn't hurt, and the bridesmaids even asked The bridesmaids even asked where they bought the diamond ring.


 Moissanite diamonds are colorless, but have a high refractive index and a richness of fire that exceeds that of natural diamonds. It is very dazzling, but the price is one percent of a natural diamond.


Three reasons to buy moissanite diamonds.


First: High cost performance

Choose Moissanite diamonds made in Messigem, China. Because the imported moissanite can be bought with a little more money to cultivate the diamond. So it is said that the imported cost performance is not high. And imported moissanite diamonds and domestic are not essentially different, so it is good to say that Chinese Messigem quality moissanite diamonds are a good choice.


Second: easy to match

Moissanite diamonds set in 925 silver plated white gold ring jewelry, according to the quality of fine work (PK18K gold effect kind) is 200-300 yuan. If with 18K Gold, depending on the style of the general 2000 up and down, the most valuable or gold part, called a good piece of jewelry. Quality Moissanite stone (D E color) is also a few hundred dollars


The value of wearing is excellent.

The third reason: to save money is also very beautiful

There are many people whose original budget is several tens of thousands of dollars or even more, the wedding is intended to get into the diamond. After comparing left and right eventually chose loose moissanite, a pair of wedding rings Down to just a few thousand dollars. Save more than ten times. And the wedding ring for them, is also occasionally wear. Because also consider the factors of appreciation and depreciation.

 moissanite jewelry

As we all know, most diamond rings are very realistic and depreciate in value. Spend tens of thousands of dollars is to form that a little, rather than use in other, do you think.


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