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The difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds

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The difference between mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds

  Are mined diamonds better than laboratory diamonds? If their 4 C's of diamond grading are the same, well at least, they look like the same to the naked eye.

 loose hthp diamond

  It's no easy to compare the color and clarity of Lab grown diamond and artificial diamond.The quality of most mined diamonds are not high, so the amount that can be used for jewelry is small. Today, the color and clarity of lab diamonds can be very excellent.


2. Connotation.
  With the development of diamond market,today the price of single diamond related to the 4 C's,but the value of the whole natural diamond has nothing to do with the 4 C's.Human society (including diamond marketers and consumers) has given more value to the natural diamond.

 cvd lab diamond

3. Cost performance.

  Diamond itself is not cars, mobile phones, steel, home appliances and other practical products,its advantage and price cannot be judged simply by parameters and quality. Like Hermes'silk scarves, no matter from the point of view of price,warm keeping and wind proof,etc,the cost performance is definitely very low.


4. Quantity

  Compare to the lab grown diamonds, which can be grown in unlimited quantities,the advantages of mined diamonds may be natural,quantity limited(No matter how large the reserves are, they cannot regenerate),jewelry grade diamond is scarce(relative to the total diamond production),value added from mining to the counter,GIA and other authorities certification. Recently, man made diamond can be IGI,GIA certification as well.

 cvd man made diamond

5. Price.
  In fact,usually the price of both synthetic diamonds and natural diamond will be related to the grades. Under the same qualities, the advantage of natural diamond is born in earth,with good marketing background,everyone knows it's very expensive.The biggest advantage is the market recognition brought by long time marketing.Big carats like 3 carats to 5 carats with high grade natural diamond is value appreciate, but these will not be usually seen in the jewelry market,so do the big carats colored diamonds. Both of them have investable value and are generally appear in the high-end auction house. They are two markets,the consumer market and the collection market.Under the same qualities,price of lab grown diamond would be about three to a quarter of a natural's,there will be certain advantages in price.But it's no doubt that the lab grown diamond is a very good choise if you pursue the appearance of jewelry effect only.

 rough diamond

6. Growth method.
  The biggest difference between cvd/hthp diamonds and mined diamonds is the growth method. It can be distinguished only by measuring the spectrum, which cannot be distinguished by naked eyes.Natural diamond grows in underground in many directions at high temperature and pressure for a long time. HPHT lab grown diamond simulates the underground environment with high temperature and high pressure and grows in multidirectional direction.CVD grows in single direction with high temperature and high pressure in the reacting furnace.

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