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Reasons for the popularity of lab-grown diamond

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Reasons for the popularity of lab-grown diamond

With the abundance of material life and the continuous improvement of people's taste and style, diamond has become a necessity for people to fall in love and get married. In recent years, Lab grown diamonds have gradually entered people's view, some friends will ask: What is a Lab grown diamond? Why is it getting more and more attention from people and more and more sought after by young people? Today, I am going to talk about why Lab grown diamonds are sought after by young people.


Why lab grown diamond can be accepted?

Why are Lab grown diamonds popular?


Why lab grown diamond can be accepted?

First of all, the reason why Lab grown diamonds are popular is that the composition of Lab grown diamonds is exactly the same as natural diamonds and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. Artificial cultivation can control the standard. Lab grown diamonds are safer than natural diamonds, better texture, no fluorescence, no milk. Without impurities, Lab grown diamonds can be comparable to natural diamonds.

Secondly, Lab grown diamonds are lab grown gemstones that cost one fifth the price of natural diamonds. An ordinary color natural diamond costs about 70,000 RMB per carat, while a Lab grown diamond represents the magical heart light of the brand. the price of a Lab grown diamond is less than 20,000 RMB per carat. According to gemologists, D color diamonds under 5 carats in the market do not have a value retention function. Then, if the appearance is the same, but does not retain its value, you can save more than 50,000 RMB by buying a carat Lab grown diamond.

Third, natural diamonds are increasingly depleted. With the increase of mining, there are fewer and fewer natural diamonds available for the market. Lab grown diamonds are artificially cultivated diamonds. The market prospect is broad and makes up for the lack of resource based natural diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are not only used in industry but gem grade diamonds are also manufactured. With the development of science and technology, the cultivation technology of gem grade Lab grown diamonds is becoming more and more mature, and Lab grown diamonds are getting closer to perfection, Lab grown diamonds will have a broad development space.


Why are Lab grown diamonds popular?

Because Lab grown diamond is the diamond of the future, and it is the unique "twin brother" of natural diamond. Moissanite and natural diamond are just two strangers with a somewhat similar appearance. As two identical people, but produced differently, they become popular. It no longer feels strange.


Although it is a man made diamond, it wears just like a natural diamond because man made can be controlled by standards. a Lab grown diamond is even purer and more transparent than a natural diamond. the difference between a Lab grown diamond and a natural diamond is like a test tube baby and a normal baby. They are both babies, but the method of production is different. With the continuous progress of science and technology, diamonds are not out of reach. Moissanite is a fake diamond. Natural diamonds are expensive. lab grown diamonds can easily cost a small fortune. The dream of a carat is realized.

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