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Moissanite diamond has become a new fashion when choosing wedding rings

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Moissanite diamond has become a new fashion when choosing wedding rings

  However, buyers should be alerted that melees do not have a value preservation function! Generally speaking, diamonds are classified into 10 grades. Diamonds no less than 1 carat are called big diamonds, which have the most value preservation and appreciation functions. Diamonds smaller than 0.1 carat are called melees. These melees are generally of poor quality. Although they are cheaper, they have only the most basic decorative functions and are easy to lose and damage. 

  More importantly, the value of melees is poor. Market data show that international diamond quotations have been rising since 2011. At present, the price of high-quality diamonds has increased by more than 30%, setting a new record for the diamond market in the past 10 years. In the meantime, the price of melees has hardly risen, comparing with the fact that carat diamonds, it has been depreciated a lot. For another example, some domestic jewellery craftsmen also recycle melees. Melees of mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan famous brands are only 10 yuan each with a very low price.

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  Therefore, industry insiders suggest that from an investment point of view, only the diamonds more than 1 carat will have the space for value appreciation; if you spend a lot of money on melees, you may be permanently stuck.


In addition, from a decorative point of view, buying melees is not as good as buying moissanite diamonds. The melees are too small, so that the elements such as clarity, color and cut cannot be perfectly reflected, and it is difficult to reflect the beauty of the diamond in appearance. The appearance and hardness of moissanite diamonds are almost the same as those of diamonds, and the refractive index and fire refraction are much higher than diamonds.

moissanite diamond

  It can be said that moissanite diamonds are brighter than diamonds in terms of decoration. More importantly, the price of moissanite diamonds is only about one tenth of the equivalent diamonds, and the huge price advantage has attracted many consumers. Taking the Vizuanhui as an example, it selects the excellent white mossanite diamonds of the Charles & Colvard Company in the United States. It is produced in limited quantities and is preferentially recycled. Moissanite diamond has become a new fashion when choosing wedding rings.


  Experts suggest that buying melees is neither beautiful nor value-preserving. The most value-preserving is carat diamonds, while the most beautiful is moissanite diamonds. Consumers can choose to buy reasonably according to their needs.

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