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How to purchase Heart Cut Moissanite?

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How to purchase Heart Cut Moissanite?

Everyone has a perfect diamond ring in mind and the heart-shaped diamond ring is the most popular, it represents the most intuitive willingness to give one's heart to another. With its popularity on the market, Heart Cut Moissanite diamond rings are available in many different styles and men are sure to have a great outcome when choosing a heart-shaped diamond ring for their proposal. So, how do you choose the perfect Heart Cut Moissanite? Find out more about the styles, prices, and other information on Heart Cut Moissanite diamond rings below.

Here's the list of contents:

· Clarity characteristics

· Style

· Cut proportions

· Price

· Notes

Clarity characteristics

The clarity of a heart-shaped diamond is easy to identify. It is best to choose moissanite with good clarity. Avoid choosing a diamond with inclusions visible to the naked eye, which can detract from its beauty, as well as its solidity and value. When shopping for Heart Cut Moissanite, you need to look closely at its inclusions and it is usually recommended to choose Heart Cut Moissanite with a clarity of H or above.


One type of moissanite diamond ring with a Heart Cut Moissanite diamond as the main stone. The second is a moissanite diamond ring style with the claw mount portion of the band set in a heart shape.

Cut proportions

When choosing a heart cut moissanite, the first thing to look for is the outline Firstly, the outline needs to be a traditional heart shape; check that the two flaps of the heart are the same size and shape, from the opening (the two rounded ends of the heart or the V-shaped area between the flaps) to the flap and then to the tip. An asymmetrical heart-shaped diamond should have a ratio of 1:1 and 1:1.2 between its length (the distance from the tip to the axis of the top of the flap) and its width (the distance between the two sides at the widest position).

A heart cut moissanite is related to its cut and is likely to have a bow effect if the ratio is not correct; for traditional Heart Cut Moissanite, the two shoulders should not be too high/low as this would greatly reduce the aesthetic appeal, reasonably cut moissanite set in a moissanite diamond ring would look much more beautiful and atmospheric.


Compared to a round moissanite diamond, Heart Cut Moissanite is approximately 21%-56% less valuable (depending on the exact color and clarity). However, the price of Heart Cut Moissanite is also based on its grade, with the higher the 4C (weight, color, clarity, and cut) grade, the higher the price. However, the overall price of Heart Cut Moissanite is not expensive.


To prevent accidental breakage of Heart Cut Moissanite, it is necessary to check the condition of the girdle. There should not be a knife-like girdle as it is too thin and may increase the risk of damage. The tip is the most fragile part of the heart shape, so moissanite settings should protect the tip by choosing a diamond ring that also has a claw setting at the tip.

This is an introduction to Heart Cut Moissanite styles, prices, and other relevant information. Shaped moissanite diamonds such as the heart shape look very special compared to the common round moissanite. In addition to Heart Cut Moissanite, teardrop, oval, and square moissanite diamond rings are also available. For more information and advice on diamond rings, please visit the website, https://www.messigems.com.

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