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How to buy Princess Cut Moissanite?

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How to buy Princess Cut Moissanite?

Princess-Cut Moissanite has the same bright and colorful facets as round moissanite, giving it a sharp, clean look and feel. The name 'princess square' is popular among women due to its brilliance and unique cut. With its sharp, angular appearance, the Princess Cut Moissanite is particularly suited to the working woman. Princess-Cut Moissanite is cut in different proportions, giving it a slightly different style and visual effect, so how do you choose a Princess Cut Moissanite? The following will give you specific instructions.

Here is the list of contents.

· Size selection

· Cut characteristics

· Grade selection

· Setting

Size selection

If worn on a thin hand, a Princess Cut Moissanite will make your finger look more substantial, and a few small sparkling diamonds next to the main diamond will give your finger more strength. Princess-Cut Moissanite is not recommended for small fingers as this shape will not stretch the finger and will make it look shorter.

Cut characteristics

(1) Princess Cut Moissanite is also available in different cutting ratios, between 1 and 1.05 for squares and 1.10+ for rectangles, which look a little like the direction of an emerald. The princess cut aims to retain the weight of the original octahedral stone, with angularity and equilateral spacing being the main characteristics of a Princess Cut Moissanite. In principle, therefore, the standard princess moissanite is square, and the more symmetrical the cut, the more desirable the moissanite.

(2) In terms of cutting, square princess moissanite requires an asymmetrical cut with each prong being identical; if rectangular princess moissanite is chosen, the lengths of the top and bottom left and right edges must be symmetrical.

Choice of grade

If you choose a single large fractional Princess Cut Moissanite, it is best to pair it with moissanite of a higher grade of color, clarity and cut.

1. A Princess Cut Moissanite is square and when one looks at it, the visual points are spread out to the corners of the square diamond, so that the diffused visual angle prevents the eye from concentrating on the center, and sometimes we see a Princess Cut Moissanite that is a little whiter than its actual grade.

2. Princess Cut Moissanite is generally only cut and processed from high-quality raw moissanite, and it is often difficult to find princess square cuts with very low clarity grades. Princess-Cut Moissanite has a larger table than round, and as a result, we can easily see flaws in the table area of moissanite diamonds. Therefore, when choosing a Princess Cut Moissanite diamond, a higher clarity grade may be required. Clarity grades can be chosen so that the flaws are located on the side prongs as much as possible so that they are less visible; you should try to avoid choosing a Princess Cut Moissanite with flaws in the sharp corners; inclusions make the crystal structure weak and the sharp corners of a Princess Cut Moissanite are easily damaged during the setting process.


Due to the characteristics of the princess moissanite, it can be set in a variety of ways, such as borderless, in situ, or a group setting. The borderless setting, in particular, can be seamlessly put together in a line, which is not possible with other shapes of Princess Cut Moissanite. This feature of square diamonds can make your wedding band sparkle if you choose to set it in a row.

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