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How do I buy Cushion Cut Moissanite

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How do I buy Cushion Cut Moissanite

Also known as 'cushion-shaped', Cushion Cut Moissanite is a cushion-shaped stone with a square shape and four rounded corners. Cushion-Cut Moissanite is a cushion-shaped stone with a square shape and four rounded corners. Below we share advice on choosing Cushion Cut Moissanite.

Here is the list of contents.

· Type of cut

· Diamond proportions

· Grade of cut

· What to look for

Type of cut

There are many different patterns of cushion cuts, with different aspect ratios. There is no fixed value, it depends entirely on the characteristics of the stone, so every Cushion Cut Moissanite is a little different. If the center looks very much like a round diamond with a central point where the loose facets can be seen, this is the classic cushion shape, whereas if the central point is not visible and the whole diamond is very bright, this is the modified cushion shape, which is usually whiter and brighter for the same color grade.

Diamond proportions

Most cushion-shaped cuts are rectangular, rarely square, and if they were truly 1:1 they would appear short and fat and would look short in the hand. Those diamonds with a ratio of 1.09:1 or better are distinctly rectangular. Those with a ratio of 1.04:1 will feel square. It is a matter of personal preference as to whether to choose a long or square cut.

Grade of cut

According to the general buying guide, the grading certificate will give a general indication of the cut grade attributed to it. For a better result, the cut of Cushion Cut Moissanite can be further examined. For example, the proportions of this Cushion Cut Moissanite can be refined by a series of proportions, such as the depth of the tabletop, waist, and foot, to make it perfect.

(1) Table: The minimum table size is measured along the length and width of the stone; table size/width of diamond * 100 = percentage of table. It is cut and measured in a completely different way from a round diamond. Cushion-Cut Moissanite has a table percentage of essentially 58% - 65%.

(2) Bottom depth: If the diamond is glassy or watery, or if the girdle reflection is visible at the edge of the table, the bottom is too shallow, and if the Cushion Cut Moissanite looks too dark, the bottom is too deep. A good bottom depth is approximately 2.5 to 4.5 times the height of the crown.

(3) Thickness of the girdle: choose a thicker tip (not the tip at the bottom) to avoid breaking the Cushion Cut Moissanite. Avoid having additional facets, natural cuts, etc. at the girdle.


(1) When selecting Cushion Cut Moissanite, try to avoid extra facets and natural facets, etc. on the lowest baseline of the girdle, such as tips or bevels. This is because these areas of the girdle can be very thin and additional facets and natural facets may affect the solidity of the Cushion Cut Moissanite.

(2) When choosing Cushion Cut Moissanite, clarity should be a key concern, in addition to the cut. The larger facets of Cushion Cut Moissanite make internal flaws, etc., more visible and therefore require a high clarity grade, as high as possible in the H scale. It is possible to choose a diamond with defects located in more hidden locations, for example when they are scattered around, using a claw setting to conceal them.

These are suggestions for buying Cushion Cut Moissanite. Generally speaking, stones intended for everyday wear do not require much specific cut data and it is sufficient to focus on their cut grade.

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