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Do you know lab grown diamonds?

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Do you know lab grown diamonds?

The relationship between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds is like ice in a glacier and ice in a refrigerator. Both are nice. Someone also made a vivid analogy. A lab grown diamond and a natural diamond are like the relationship between a naturally conceived baby and a test tube baby. In the end, they are both human beings. Therefore, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds.


l The origin of lab grown diamonds:

l How to make lab grown diamonds:

l How to identify lab grown diamonds:

The origin of lab grown diamonds:

At the end of the 18th century, French chemist Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier discovered that diamonds are simple crystals composed of carbon formed under high pressure and temperature conditions deep in the earth, providing the theoretical basis for later laboratory grown diamond technology. However, for the next 200 years, there was little progress in the field of diamond research   until the mid 20th century.

In 1954, laboratory grown diamonds were successfully grown in a laboratory for the first time. At that time, a group of American Diamond Company researchers produced a diamond in a laboratory. They mimicked the environment in which diamonds are formed in nature by applying extreme heat and pressure to the carbon.


How to make lab grown diamonds:

The HTHP (High Temperature High Pressure) method. HPHT technology is a diamond synthesized by simulating the high temperature and high pressure environment in which natural diamonds are produced in the earth's crust. Its purpose is to alter or improve the natural body color of certain types of diamonds to give them a more valuable color.  First, the color can be upgraded to 4 6 levels.


However, not every diamond can be treated with this technique. It must have a color of J or higher (for the Cape Collection) and be free of inclusions and of high clarity quality. During the treatment process, the results are unpredictable. In other words, it cannot be determined to what level it can be upgraded. Also, a diamond treated with HPHT may deepen or change color and become a colored diamond.


How to identify lab grown diamonds:

CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. A diamond synthesized by CVD technology can only be seen in appearance by the naked eye and is indistinguishable from a natural real diamond. CVD synthetic diamonds use the mother stone (diamond) as the substrate and use the principle of microwave heating to continuously deposit carbon atoms from methane on the diamond substrate. Synthetic diamonds accumulate layer by layer, and the diamond then rapidly on the substrate." grows up." As a result, CVD synthetic diamonds have the exact same chemical and physical composition as natural diamonds.

The quality and appearance of laboratory grown diamonds are indistinguishable from those of natural diamonds. In the early days, due to the lack of advanced diamond cultivation techniques in laboratories, diamond dealers could use a very simple method to confirm whether a diamond had been cultivated in a laboratory. They used powerful magnets because lab grown diamonds contained residual metal crystals from the cultivation process. A strong magnet attracts diamonds. However, as diamond cultivation techniques in laboratories continue to mature, the old methods are no longer valid.


The identification of laboratory grown diamonds requires specialized identification institutions and identification instruments. Moreover, due to the high cost of the technology and instruments designed, only a few laboratories in the world are capable of identifying man made and natural diamonds. The most authoritative international institutions for the identification of laboratory grown diamonds are the IGI International Gemological Institute and the GIA Gemological Institute of America.

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