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Common way for distinguish moissanite and natural diamond

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Common way for distinguish moissanite and natural diamond

  People always have a strange behavior, i.e. want to figure out the diamond bought by them or their friends is a moissanite or a natural diamond? You may use these methods to show my friends and relatives to show that I am professional. Here are some simple identification methods:


  Perspective test: Place the diamond with its table (the flat surface) facing down on the newspaper in black font, and try to see if the word can be seen through the diamond. The black letter underneath cannot be seen through a round diamond with a good cut ratio. This is because the diamond has a high refractive index.However, the method will not work if your moissanite with a high refractive index.


1. Use a 10x magnifying glass, diamond is single-refractive gemstone, while moissanite is birefringent. Using a 10x magnifying glass to look down from the diamond table to the pavilion, or an angle from the kite facet, double images can be seen in the ridge line near the culet.

2. Specific gravity fluid.The specific gravity of diamond and moisanite are different, so they can be distinguished by the specific gravity liquid method, but it is limited to unset gemstones. For example, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52 and that of moisanite is 3.22. When the specific gravity liquid is 3.30, the diamond will sink, while the moissanite will float on the surface. (The chemical composition of the specific gravity liquid is diiodomethane, which is highly toxic, so be careful when using it.)


3. Burning: When the gem is burned with a lighter, the moissanite will turn slightly yellow, but it will return to its original state after cooling. The diamond will not change color after burning. But be careful not to exceed 600 degrees, or the diamond will oxidize. Unless absolutely necessary, do not try this method.

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