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Cleaning and care of Asscher Cut Moissanite

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Cleaning and care of Asscher Cut Moissanite

The Asscher Cut Moissanite, also known as the square emerald, is also known as the royal square cut. It is a square step cut with an attractive central symmetrical pattern at the four corners of the cut. When viewed from the front, the Asscher cut reveals a sparkling maze of light and shadow that draws the eye to the center. When buying diamond jewelry, the Asscher cut is a rare and original shape. Below I will introduce you to the Asscher Cut Moissanite and its cleaning and care.

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· Care

· Cleaning


(1) The care of your Asscher Cut Moissanite begins with how you store them. You may not wear them every day, but when you are not wearing them, it is best to store your diamond jewelry separately. To make sure they are not scratched, you should keep them in their original boxes, soft bags, or specially designed jewelry boxes.

(2) When they are not being stored, you should wear them carefully. It is best to keep your jewelry to one side when swimming, bathing, sleeping, gardening, or playing sports. You should also try to be careful not to touch the jewelry. Oils and dirt from your skin can easily transfer to Asscher Cut Moissanite and make it dull.

(3) It is worth noting that the physical properties of Asscher Cut Moissanite are very similar to those of diamonds and are also oleophilic, so try to avoid hand creams, sunscreens, and other oily skincare products when wearing your jewelry so that the luster of the Asscher Cut Moissanite is not affected by prolonged exposure to oily substances.


You can easily clean your Asscher Cut Moissanite without risking damaging it. The method is easier than you might think.

(1) Clean with warm water mixed with soapy water or ammonia.

Immerse your Asscher Cut Moissanite in a bowl of warm water with detergent and kitchen salt or soda. Polish with a soft toothbrush and rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe with a soft, fiber-free cloth. Do not use paper towels as they may scratch your Asscher Cut Moissanite.

(2) Cleaning my jewelry with ammonia

Place your Asscher Cut Moissanite in a bowl containing 3 parts warm water and 1 part ammonia. Soak for half an hour, then wipe your Asscher Cut Moissanite with a soft toothbrush. Rinse with water and leave to dry.

(3) Other

You can clean your Ashchel moissanite in the same way you would clean a diamond or other gemstone. As with any fine jewelry, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used. However, it is best to wipe with a gentle rinse. You can also clean and Asscher Cut Moissanite with a commercial (non-acidic) jewelry cleaner or with a soft toothbrush, or use a mild skin cleanser and water to clean and care for it.

Asscher Cut Moissanite highlights a woman's personality and a keen eye for fashion. Asscher Cut Moissanite also represents the meticulous and forward-thinking nature of its wearer. Remember to protect your moissanite.

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