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Are lab diamond profitable?

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Are lab diamond profitable?

When man-made diamond was introduced, many people actually did not know about it, because industrial diamond is mainly used as a processing tool, which is too far from our life. To give a few examples, for example, glass cutters for scribing glass can be active in the processing of glass products. For example, the blade for CNC (numerical control machine tool) precision processing can carve all kinds of exquisite patterns in gold products; the foundation of every high-rise building needs to be drilled into the hard granite used are industrial diamond drill bits.

 diamond drill

(industrial diamond drill)

It was only after the production technology of industrial diamonds made a qualitative leap and could produce lab diamonds directly for gem-quality jewelry on a large scale that people had the opportunity to see man made diamonds in their original form, instead of those other products processed by industrial diamonds, thus giving rise to the new century battle between natural diamonds and lab diamonds.


Recently, the discussion of natural diamonds and lab diamonds has become more and more heated in the jewelry industry, with people expressing their opinions on these two products of different origins and the same properties, rather like a big debate during the Cultural Revolution. But many views are in their own interests and position on the expression of an emotion, and can not provide too much reference to the development of the industry, and truly informative views must be from a deeper level, to analyze the cocoon in order to allow participants to set aside the fog of the surface, see and recognize the trend of future development.


 First of all, we must have a basic idea that the basic law of social progress is that the progress of science and technology brings more advanced productivity and production relations, and then forms a new form of social organization to adapt to this more advanced material civilization. We can clearly see from the thousands of years of human social development history, the first industrial revolution transitioned from the manual era to the steam era, the second industrial revolution transitioned from the steam era to the electrical era, the third industrial revolution transitioned from the electrical era to the era of science and technology, human beings have been in pursuit of richer material, more comfortable life and more extreme efficiency, each era will be in the next era of a new Industrial revolution will become history, and the vast majority of the products of the old era will be eliminated. Just like horse-drawn carriages are eliminated by trains, and trains are eliminated by high-speed trains, but some of the historical products of labor and culture will also be preserved in different forms, such as China's non-foreign heritage projects, because they are records of the history of human and natural development and carry the culture and memories of the past. With this broad basic concept, we then look at the future of lab diamonds with a macroscopic vision of historical development, and should be able to have a clearer perception.

 man made diamond

Will natural diamonds die out?


Throughout the history of the jewelry industry, the rise and fall of the industry has always been closely related to the level of social and economic development and material abundance. When the economy is developed and material abundance, various kinds of nature's gorgeous gemstones become the target for people to show their status, express their emotions and pursue fashion and beauty, which contains huge business opportunities, with diamond as the carrier of diamond culture being the most successful, successfully ascending to the position of king of gemstones.


According to the above analysis, whether something will gradually disappear or be replaced with the development of human society depends on whether the main attribute of itself is a tool to improve production efficiency, or a supply to improve the comfort of life, or a choice of natural evolution. Natural diamonds do not belong to the production tools category, nor does it belong to the category of household goods, nature will not be easily eliminated, centuries of cognitive shaping, making natural diamonds unique, scarce, expensive characteristics of human society from generation to generation, so whether natural diamonds will gradually die out depends mainly on the sustainability of the industry's own dissemination and the actual mineable reserves of nature. To put it plainly, the value of natural diamonds needs to be constantly shaped for the new generation of consumer objects and investment, so that generations of young consumers are aware of and accept, if the lack of investment in publicity, it is possible to be replaced by a new subject; in addition, the world's total proven reserves of about 2.5 billion carats of diamonds, can be used as jewelry accounted for about 20%. That the current influence of natural diamonds is still very huge, under the impact of lab diamonds, NDC is expected to invest in the total annual publicity costs will reach hundreds of millions of dollars, although not just the promotion of natural diamonds smashed fierce, but also enough to rely on inertia to maintain a long time; and according to the annual mining volume of natural diamonds 50-60 million / year in recent years, there are at least 25 years of stable supply, and during the period will Some new mines have been discovered, so there is enough mining capacity to sustain for a long time. The conclusion here is that, there is no need to discuss whether natural diamonds will gradually die out for 30 years.


Will natural diamonds be impacted by lab diamonds?


The answer to this question is also obvious, because the progress of technology, environmental protection and sustainable development, as well as the concept of public consumption has been in the direction of rational and pragmatic development, that the original natural diamonds used as jewelry, stripped of the veneer of sensual culture, the effect is exactly the same as the lab diamonds slowly replaced, is also the result of the natural choice of the consumer market. Natural diamonds because of their scarcity will develop in the direction of asset positioning, the demand for decorative properties will be completed by the more advantageous lab diamonds.

We can give another example, raising silkworms to take silk clothing, in China has a history of five thousand years, and cotton spinning clothing has a history of three thousand years, are using natural silk and cotton to process, the history is very long. But the industrialization process in the 1940s gave birth to polyester, acrylic these synthetic textile materials, making human clothing materials and a significant breakthrough, so that personalized clothing once again changed the face of society as a whole. But silk, cotton products have not completely withdrawn from the market, silk in the high-end apparel market steadily occupy a place, but also by some silk lovers, which may also be natural diamonds and lab diamonds in the future to present a business.


In fact, many operators are not sure whether the current cultivated diamond price system there is still room for decline, if there is how much more. This issue is also in the previous article "cultivated diamond prices will not collapse - cultivated diamond prices revealed" has a detailed analysis, but the current facts are very simple, cultivated diamond no monopoly, who advanced technology, management in place, marketing, you can get a foothold in the industry. Because the entry technical threshold for the production of lab diamonds is not too high, because the production of lab diamonds is relatively low-end in the industrial field of application, but to produce high-quality products quickly and in large quantities, there are higher requirements for technical aspects, the final product is priced at the cost of production, it will form a stable price system.


Lab diamond is a new category born in the context of social development, technological progress and consumer diversification, which has both perfect attributes and attractive enough price in itself, and has a broad application prospect in the jewelry field. From the survey data, consumers with science and technology mindset are the most receptive, and young people with science and technology backgrounds account for most of the consumers of Generation Z. Therefore, the development trend of lab diamonds is unstoppable, and what we have to think about is how to seize this opportunity in combination with our own environment and conditions to become the leader of the times.

 lab diamond

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