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Amazing! Diamonds can be "Grown"

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Amazing! Diamonds can be "Grown"

Using a natural diamond as a "seed", under high temperature and low pressure, the seed crystal piece slowly "grows" and can grow into a one-carat diamond in A week's time A "real diamond".


The lab diamond are grown in this amazing laboratory in Hefei China, which can "grow" diamonds, and have the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds.


The difference is that it is labeled "Laboratory grown diamond" and costs 20% to 30% of the price of a natural diamond. The price is 20% to 30% of the price of a natural diamond.


The scientific team that grows the diamonds originates from a national laboratory. After more than 30 years of experience, this technology has moved from the laboratory to the market, serving people The technology has moved from the laboratory to the market, serving people in their productive lives.


What is lab diamond? “Real diamonds" grown in a laboratory


A container filled with gas, like a large microwave oven, with professional glasses, you can peer through a small hole and see the growing Diamond rough. What kind of diamonds are these? How is it different from the natural diamonds we buy in the mall?


This laboratory is from the Hefei apex crystal technology company, the company's general manager Song Xuerui said this diamond is actually a kind of artificial cultivation of diamonds


It is also called a cultivated diamond. It is a natural diamond seeded with high-purity methane, assisted by hydrogen and other gases, and produced in a microwave plasma generator at high temperature and low pressure.


In the microwave plasma generator, carbon ions are formed at high temperature and low pressure. These plasmas are then deposited little by little in the air like dust onto the seed


The wafers will slowly grow larger and larger layer by layer.


The whole process of diamond cultivation was seen in the laboratory. First, a piece of bare stone is cut in one laser cutting apparatus, after which they will go into another room for polishing and grinding, and then finally into a container of methane and hydrogen, through high temperature and pressure, so that it slowly grows. "The largest can form clear diamonds as large as 10 carats." Song Xuerui said that what grows in the lab is a rough diamond, which is cut and processed into a shiny diamond that can be worn.


The diamond is cut and processed into a sparkling diamond that can be worn. "Because it's chemically and physically the same as a natural diamond, it's also a real diamond."

 HPHT diamond

How long does it take for a diamond to grow? A one-carat diamond grows in just one week


It takes millions or even hundreds of millions of years for a natural diamond to grow. But if it is in a laboratory, a large one-carat diamond takes only 5-7 days to grow. Of course, the higher the carat weight, the longer the growth time.


In the container where the diamonds are grown, the reporter saw a high temperature light shining on the growing diamonds. Song Xuerui said, it is such high temperature and pressure The diamond is growing quickly. "The temperature in the growth is very important, once too high, the valuable diamonds will be turned into a penny in a moment The temperature in the growth is very important. Our laboratory generally controls 800-1000 degrees Celsius."


As a top luxury item, diamonds are especially popular with women in the jewelry market. But natural diamond production is, after all, limited, which is why it is especially precious. Long-term mining consumes a lot of labor and energy, and this resource is not renewable. "The advantage of lab diamond over natural diamonds is that they are sustainable.


Advantage is that it is a sustainable resource, more environmentally friendly, and it is also more pure."How are lab diamond used? What is the price? Wear as jewelry, but also for industrial and quantum information experiments With the advent of technology and the emergence of artificially lab diamond, diamonds may also be redefined.

 lab diamond

"Like some internationally renowned jewelry brands and luxury brands are starting to use lab diamond in their products." Song Xuerui introduced that the price of lab diamond is about 20-30 percent of that of natural diamonds. If you can accept the cultivated diamond as your wearing stone, then you have the possibility of "diamond freedom".


In addition to fashion and decoration, lab diamond are used more widely in industry. Castor Hu, the company's sales director, says that because of the diamond's hardness and Because of its natural thermal conductivity, it can be used in the field of cutting tools, thermal management of electronic devices, optical windows, and quantum information. And its semi-conductor It is also the ultimate semiconductor material because its semi-conductor parameters are better than those of other semiconductors.


When it comes to the future price of lab diamond, Castor Hu said, "Although lab diamond and natural diamonds are the same in nature, they are two different products for the market.


They are two different products with complementary prices. After all these years of development, the future price will still be quite stable."


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