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Alibaba 2015 newest Messi Gems Nano stones color change nanosital

  • Messi Gems
  • Guangxi, China
  • color change Nanosital #204
  • Synthetic (lab created)
  • color change
  • Nano
  • Oval Cut
  • Any size
  • Stone Size
  • Heat
  • Color Play or Fire
  • Ring,earring,etc
  • any color
  • Customers' Requst
  • Nano
  • Customer Require
  • High Technology Machine Cut
  • 1pc
  • 7
  • wholesales

Alibaba 2015 newest Messi Gems Nano stones color change nanosital

Product Description

Nanosital is an optically transparent polycristalline material that is formed by the crystallization of glass with corresponding chemical composition and has higher physical and chemical properties than the original glass.
Nanosital is one of glass-ceramic materials, which are known for more than 50 years and have a wide range of compositions and applications. Rusgems has adapted existing technology to create a material specifically optimized for jewellery. As a result a multi-component high temperature composition on the base of two main oxides – SiO2 and Al2O3 – was obtained. It is well-known that the above-mentioned oxides are key components of most natural gemstones. The rest of Nanosital's components are picked to approximate the maximum required optical characteristics as well as density and hardness. Our technology allows us to vary components of composition quite widely. As a result Nanosital that is absolutely identical to its natural counterpart can be produced each time.

Our innovative technologies also allow us to obtain more sophisticated Nanosital colors, such as Nanosital that changes its color depending on the lighting. Such stones look one way in the sunlight and differently in artificial light inside the room.

Color card:

Size Chart:

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Company Information

Messi Gems (H.K) Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, is committed to develop and produce various colors & shapes & sizes of CZ, SPINEL, RUBY, CORUNDUM, GLASS... Our factory located in WUZHOU, GUANGXI, CHINA - the biggest CZ manufacturing base in Asia.

Company’s predecessor is a gemstone abrasive team which consists of several laid-off workers, specialized in producing 1.0-3.0mm white round cz and sell to jewelry factories in China. Afterwards, invested by Hong Kong businessman and introduce most advanced stone grinding machine from Europe, invite professional gemstone cutting technical staff, expand production scale, Messi Gems growing at a rapid growth after a series of resource integration. Products are sold all over the world which in the forefront of Asia gemstone exports.

In the recent years, Messi gems continues to develop new produces. Nano black, Nano green and other color nano stone is constantly pushed to market, acclaimed & loved by more and more customers.

Our Services

Advantages of Messi Gems:

1. More than 16 years' experience of producing synthetic gemstones.

2. A passionate professional team.
3. Factory direct sale price.
4. Strict quality control.
5. Customized is welcome.
6. Samples are free of charge.
7. Considerate & Quick Customer Service.


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