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4 Carat Green 10mm Round Cut Synthetic Moissanite

Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Moissanite
Gemstone Color: Grenn
Gemstone Shape: Round
Gemstone Size: 10mm
Sample: Sample Orders Acceptable

4 Carat Green 10mm Round Cut Synthetic Moissanite

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10mm, any size is available
1 piece moissanite sample is available
Sample Lead Time:
Delivery Time:
2 days after payment for stock
Custom Clearance:
Certificate files can be provided (100% easy)
Shapes provide:
Round/ Pear/ Rectangle/ Octangle/ Square/ Heart/
Cushion/Marquise/ Triangle/ Oval/ Drop(Customize are welcome)
Color Provide:
Clear white, white, light yellow, champagne, light blue, light green.

Moissanites vs Diamond

  Certified diamonds are graded on color and can be compared with one another. Moissanites stones are not graded on color.  As with diamonds, the smaller the moissanites, the more colorless it will look. Additionally, under certain lighting, moissanites may project a yellow or green hue.  

The biggest difference between Moissanite and Diamonds:

 1. Moissanite is silicon carbide and diamond is carbon;

 2. Moissanite stone will float when placed in specific gravity, and the specific gravity of the diamond will sink;

 3. The Moissanite stone has a ghost image, and there is no ghost image in the diamond body;

 4. Moissanite is a birefringent gemstone, and a diamond is a single-refraction gemstone;

 5. Moissanite stone fire color is warm light, diamond fire color is cold light;

 6. Most of the Moissanite is an electrical conductor, and the diamond is less of an electrical conductor.

moissanite colour chart

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