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1.86ct 18k white gold moissanite fashon gold rings for women

Main Stone: Moissanite
Material Type: 14k/18k White Gold
Size: #4-#10, customied size
Engraving Letter: Yes
Shipping: DHL FedEx UPS EMS
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1.86ct 18k white gold moissanite fashon gold rings for women
14K/18K white gold; Can be yellow gold, rose gold
Gold Weight:
Aprox 7.36g
Main Stone:
1.86 carat def moissanite
Ring Size:
6 1/4 (US) pls tell us your rings size.
Ring Type:
Fashion women's ring
Engagement, Wedding, Gift, Anniversary Gift, Ect.
Payement Term:
PayPal, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

1.86ct moissanite gold ring details

1.86ct fashion wedding moissanite gold rings1.86ct moissanite gold jewelry for women1.86ct fashion gold ring1.86carat moissanite gold jewelry


jewelry process

diamond tester

First of all, let's understand the size of the diamond, as we all know, the size of the diamond is usually measured by the "carat", 100 points = 1 carat, thus, 50 points of the diamond is half a carat, of course, most of the cases we will be called 1 carat or fewer points In most cases, we will call 1 carat or less as a minute so that it will be easier to be accepted in the call above. In addition, the most classic diamond setting style is four or six claws, of course, now will also be reduced to three claws set.


Then we will understand the material of the ring, the material of the ring is 18K white gold, PT950, PT900, etc., of which 18K metal in a goldfish alloy of other metals, cheap and hardest, is the most solid material for setting diamonds, is also the more popular material nowadays.


jewelry buyer focus on

jewelry leading time

In stock jewelry: 3~4days.
Custom design jewelry: Determined CAD 15days.
Transportation Time: 5~7days.

Melon face - suitable for the most diverse necklace and earring models.


Round face - suitable for medium and long necklaces, dangling earrings can make the face line slender.


Square face - suitable for medium and long necklaces, earrings should be wrapped around the ear, and the shape of round and oval is better, which can make the face line softer.


Long face - suitable for a short necklace, button, and earrings, round or wide shape is better, can make the face line and gentle.


Triangular face - medium and long necklaces, long dangling earrings, can subtly soften the line between the forehead and the jaw.


Inverted triangle face - suitable for short necklaces, earrings with the dangling style and wide bottom is better, can soften the jawline.

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