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1.72ct FVY OVAL BRILLIANT cut SI1 lab grown diamond

Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Lab grown diamond
Gemstone Color: Fancy Vivid Yellow
Gemstone Shape: Oval Brilliant
Gemstone Weight: 1.72ct
Gemstone Size: 6.60X10.02X3.93mm

1.72ct FVY OVAL BRILLIANT cut SI1 lab grown diamond

1.72ct FVY Oval cut lab diamonds SI1
Oval Brilliant
Fancy Vivid Yellow
1 piece available
Sample Lead Time:
1-2 days
Delivery Time:
2-3 days after payment for stock
In Stock. 
Weekly update stock list(pls contact us)
Custom Clearance:
Round/ Pear/ Rectangle/ Octangle/ Square/ Heart/
Cushion/Marquise/ Triangle/ Oval/ Drop(Customize are welcome)
Color Provide:
Clear white, Pink, Yellow, Blue
Color Provide:
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1.72ct lab created diamond

1.72ct lab diamond1.72ct lab grown diamond1.72ct loose lab grown diamond

lab grown diamond

About Diamond Tester

 As HPHT method involves using metal catalyst, it is hard to avoid some metals entering the crystal during growing process, so HPHT diamonds might be magnetic. And if the magnetism is too strong, diamonds will not be able to pass the diamond teste. Because CVD diamonds are formed by mere gas, they can be produced without magnetic and are able to pass the diamond tester pen.

lab grown diamond tester