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1.51 carat G VS1 HPHT PRINCESS CVD lab grown diamonds

Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Lab grown diamond
Gemstone Color: G
Gemstone Shape: Square
Gemstone Weight: 1.51ct

1.51 carat G VS1 HPHT PRINCESS CVD lab grown diamonds

Synthetic diamond
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2-3 days after payment for stock
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Cushion/Marquise/ Triangle/ Oval/ Drop(Customize are welcome)
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Clear white, Pink, Yellow, Blue
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1.51ct lab created diamond

1.51ct lab diamond

1.51ct loose lab grown diamond1.51ct lab grown diamond1.51ct lab made diamond

lab grown diamond

  In the 1990s, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was used to synthesize diamond films, which were deposited on solid-phase substrates to form polycrystalline films of diamond for industrial use. 2003 saw the synthesis of gem-quality single crystals by Apollo in the USA, and commercial production began. 

Make your personal jewelry

Ring, Earrings, Bracelet, Pendant with Moissanite/ lab grown diamond/Eemerald your personal jewelry maker.

cvd diamonds

  Synthetic diamonds are real diamonds in every sense,they are chemically, physically, atomically and optically the same as the natural diamonds. lab diamonds are a kind of diamond produced and manufactured by artificial methods to simulate the crystallization characteristics of natural diamond.

Natural & Synthetic,which one is environmentally kind!

  As we all know, the mining sites of natural diamonds are very difficult to select,and the mining project is enormous and environmentally destructive by using some large machinery.That results in some serious problems including blood diamonds,conflict diamonds,child labour, human rights violations,resource exhaustion and environmental crisis.