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 Natural diamonds

  Natural diamonds are gemstones formed deep within the Earth's crust, composed of a crystalline structure of carbon atoms. They typically take millions of years to form under high pressure and temperature conditions, brought to the Earth's surface through volcanic activity. Natural diamonds are extremely hard due to the uniform arrangement of their carbon atoms, making them exceptionally durable gemstones.

  Natural diamonds are highly prized for their unique optical properties, characterized by their sparkling brilliance and color, making them an ideal choice for jewelry. The evaluation of diamonds often involves the "4C" criteria, which stands for Color, Clarity, Carat Weight, and Cut. These factors collectively determine the quality and value of a diamond.

  Unlike synthetic diamonds, natural diamonds are formed by natural geological processes, and as such, they hold a high value and rarity in the gemstone market. Natural diamonds are frequently used in engagement rings and other jewelry pieces to symbolize love and eternal commitment. In Chinese, they are typically referred to as "天然钻石," and in English, they are known as "natural diamonds."

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