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The meaning of lab grown diamond shapes

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The meaning of lab grown diamond shapes

Cushion Shape Cultivated Diamonds: Gentle and friendly

 This shape has been fashionable for more than a century, and the curved corners and larger facets boost scintillation. A large facet is more likely to have inclusions than a facet with many small sides, so if you choose a lower clarity grade, be sure to check the clarity drawing on your diamond certificate. Cushion diamonds run from square to rectangular.

lab grown cushion cut diamond are best suited to a lady with a soft type because they are slightly softer in appearance (more rounded) and with curvier edges and a more gentle and approachable look.
cushion lab diamond

Heart-shaped cultured diamonds: Sweet romance

 That is heart as the ultimate sign of affection with a bit extreme. The hexagonal cut or beautifully faceted heart-shaped diamond featuring six to seven sided bottom satisfy designs versatility. The perfected top is roundish shape but much less inclination than a round one while a pavilion part is near to round and show a brilliant shining colour, not its counterpart halved marquise, making it suitable for largest array of diamond jewellery. purchase an engagement ring. This diamond with its unusual shape wins enormous young people.

Heart-shaped diamonds symbolise romance, sweetness and commitment. Most women who wear heart-shaped diamonds are imaginative, trust their intuition and appreciate romance.
5ct heart lab grown diamond

Oval-cut diamonds: Eternal life

The oval lab diamond was invented in the 1970s as an improvement on the traditional round brilliant shape, but the extension of the round shape makes the oval diamond highly individual without being overly carved. This diamond shape is comparable to the round in terms of sparkle, but also highlights the diamond's own characteristics and shape.


Oval diamonds are sleek but maintain a unique poise, signifying unique taste without being arrogant, and in Western countries, oval diamonds also symbolise eternal life.

9ct ov lab grown diamond

Round diamonds: Classic elegance

The round lab grown diamond symbolises the traditional virtues of kindness, elegance and warmth. Most people who prefer this shape are lovers of classic style.

 round lab diamond

For about 100 years, diamond cutters have used advanced theories of light behaviour and precise mathematical algorithms to optimise the fire and scintillation of round diamonds. Round diamonds have more flexibility to give customers the sparkle they want while balancing cut, colour and clarity grades. To maximise the sparkle of a traditional round diamond, we recommend the Ideal cut, with an exceptional level of polish and symmetry.

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