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Moissanite Stone
 Moissanite,the chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide,it is similar to diamond in appearance.If you want to identify it by looking at its contents, you need use a ten-fold magnifying glass.Nowadays,countries all around the world are producing moissanite.Moissanite's chemical composition is SiC, it nearly colorless, refractive index 2.56-2.69, dispersion 0.104, birefringent index 0.043, hardness 9.25, density 3.22 g/cm3.
Round Moissanite
Heart Moissanite
Pricess moissanite
Trillion moissanite
Oval moissanite
Emerald Moissanite
Asscher Moissanite
Cushion Moissanite

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