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 Moissanite,the chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide,it is similar to diamond in appearance.If you want to identify it by looking at its contents, you need use a ten-fold magnifying glass.Nowadays,countries all around the world are producing moissanite.Moissanite's chemical composition is SiC, it nearly colorless, refractive index 2.56-2.69, dispersion 0.104, birefringent index 0.043, hardness 9.25, density 3.22 g/cm3.
round cut moissanite
Round Moissanite
heart cut moissanite
Heart Moissanite
princess cut moissanite
Pricess moissanite
thrillion cut moissanite
Trillion moissanite
oval cut moissanite
Oval moissanite
emerald cut moissanite
Emerald Moissanite
asscher cut moissanite
Asscher Moissanite
custom moissanite
Cushion Moissanite

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