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What should I look for when buying a Marquise Moissanite?

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What should I look for when buying a Marquise Moissanite?

Also known as the 'horse's eye', the Marquise Moissanite has a curved side curve and a slender end. Due to its unusual shape, the Marquise Moissanite is larger from the front than other shapes of the same weight and can be worn with thinner fingers. So, how do I choose a Marquise Moissanite? There are several issues to bear in mind when choosing a marquise-cut diamond. For example, what grade of cut and clarity does it need to be? What grade of color can I consider? Below we share advice on choosing an olivine (marquise) moissanite.

This is a list of contents:

  • The proportions of the finger

  • Color/clarity

  • Symmetry

  • Size

  • Proportions of cuts

The proportions of the finger

Marquise Moissanite is particularly suitable for women who are less confident with their jade hands, as its distinctive shape gives the impression of longer fingers. Depending on the size of your hand and fingers, you can choose between a vertical style with a long finger shape (north-south setting) or a horizontal style with a distinctive design (east-west).


When shopping for a Marquise Moissanite, it is advisable to look at the color of the stone. As Marquise Moissanite does not have curved ends, it reflects more color than a round diamond and is worth picking one with a higher color grade. In terms of clarity, you should try to avoid stones with visible inclusions in the middle. If the diamond is set in a claw, flaws near the bottom are less obvious.


As with any diamond, symmetry is a major key when buying. The marquise cut itself is a unique shape and if it is not symmetrical enough, it will be more easily identified than other cuts. To enhance symmetry, the two ends of a Marquise Moissanite must be directly opposite each other in a symmetrical manner.


Marquise Moissanite can be set with either 4 or 6 claws, depending on the design. Note that with the marquise proposal ring you purchase, the tip of the stone must be protected by a claw setting to prevent breakage. For the perfect look, we recommend choosing a Marquise Moissanite of at least 1.50 carats. If you want more sparkle, or if it looks larger than it is, opt for a halo ring style.

Cut proportions

The most traditional Marquise Moissanite has a length-to-width ratio of between 1.75 and 2.25.

Marquise Moissanite is symmetrically pointed and long on both sides, and its unusual protruding shape maximizes the carat weight of the diamond, making it appear larger than it is. This type of diamond looks great when paired with a round or pear-shaped diamond as a secondary diamond, while the slender shape of the marquise gives a slimmer, more slender look to the finger. The most suitable size usually uses an aspect ratio of (1.75-2.55). Therefore, when shopping for a Marquise Moissanite, it is important to pay attention to its cut.

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