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What is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond?

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What is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond?

When it comes to artificially lab grown diamonds, you must have many questions, such as what is the difference between synthetic and artificial/cultivated? Can artificially cultivate diamonds and natural diamonds be distinguished by identification? Is there a competitive relationship between the two? With these questions in mind, I will explain them one by one.


First, let's start with the difference between "artificial" and "man made". The relationship between the two should be said to be similar to the relationship between "invention" and "discovery". It is called "artificial"; something that already exists in nature is called "synthetic". Of course, diamonds have existed in nature for a long time, so "artificially lab grown diamonds" should obviously fall into the category of "real diamonds" called "synthetic". Zircon, on the other hand, should be referred to as "imitation diamonds.


l So, how are artificially lab grown diamonds made?

l Can lab grown diamonds be confused with natural diamonds?

l Artificially lab grown diamonds that can be absorbed by magnetite:


So, how are artificially lab grown diamonds made?

Here we can look directly at the definition of a synthetic diamond: A synthetic diamond is an artificial simulation of the formation conditions of a natural diamond in which carbon of a non diamond structure is transformed into the carbon of a diamond structure. Simply put, the raw material used as graphite powder is processed at high temperature and pressure to turn it into a diamond structure.


There are two main processes for artificially lab grown diamonds: one is the  High Temperature method (abbreviated as HPHT) and the other is the Chemical Vapor Deposition method (abbreviated as CVD). Since the first successful synthesis of diamonds using HPHT in 1950, countries such as China, Russia, and the United States are now using this process to create gem quality synthetic diamonds.


Can lab grown diamonds be confused with natural diamonds?

Many people have similar doubts. Since diamonds can be artificially cultivated, can they be mixed with natural diamonds? If I want to buy a natural diamond, will I be cheated if I buy an artificially cultivated diamond at the price of a natural diamond?


The truth is, you don't need to worry about this. Please listen to me slowly: Actually, there are different grades and different uses of artificially lab grown diamonds. Industrial grade hand lab grown diamonds have a wide range of uses, from the well known cutting use to airstrip construction to decorative use. The difficulty of producing gem grade, hand lab grown diamonds is very different from that of industrial grade, hand lab grown diamonds. If the early gem quality lab grown diamonds were still in a rough state, today's lab grown diamonds can be said to be reborn.


Artificially lab grown diamonds that can be absorbed by magnetite

Early gem quality man made lab grown diamonds contain a lot of impurities and may even be absorbed by magnetite. Seeing this, are those who are afraid of buying the wrong diamond relieved? Don't worry, nowadays, gem quality artificially lab grown diamonds are very difficult for you to distinguish with magnets due to the improvement of the process. But don't worry, by using professional equipment and comparing the color, crystal shape and crystalline features, internal envelope features, absorption spectra, and UV fluorescence features of the diamond being tested, "it is perfectly possible to distinguish artificially lab grown diamonds from natural diamonds. After all, natural diamond crystals were formed billions of years ago, while artificially cultured diamonds can be formed in just a few days. There is no difference between the two, and they can be distinguished by professional testing methods without confusion.

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