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Market prospects for Star Cut Moissanite

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Market prospects for Star Cut Moissanite

The "non-contact" business has recently caught fire overnight due to the impact of the new intensive coronavirus epidemic. At the same time, online business is in full swing in all areas. As for the more offline-oriented moissanite jewelry industry, it has already been greatly affected this spring. So, will this popularity have some impact on the development of online jewelry in the moissanite jewelry industry? And what is the future of Star Cut Moissanite?

Here is a list of contents.

· Cross-border e-commerce supply chain

· Fine-tuning the offline channel stock market

· Live and wedding ring circuit

Cross-border e-commerce supply chain

Star Cut Moissanite has become increasingly popular in recent years and has become an important jewelry choice for many young consumers due to its diamond look and affordable price. Also popular with fashionable women in markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, Star Cut Moissanite is close in appearance to the diamond and more competitive in price, at 1/10th of the price per carat of a diamond.

The Star Cut Moissanite industry is a new material and new category in the foreign trade market, especially in the cross-border e-commerce market, and is still in its infancy in terms of production and development status, mainstream brand competition pattern, competition trends, market consumption characteristics, leading enterprises' business conditions, development trend and prospects of the diamond ring industry, etc. The market space is huge and superimposed on the impact of the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce will be the real the industry spring in 2021. As an incremental market, cross-border e-commerce brands need to focus on fashion leadership and create a high-quality supply chain for Star Cut Moissanite.

Fine-tuning the offline channel stock market

In recent years, the domestic market has seen significant growth as the consumer side of moissanite rings has been driven through e-commerce and live channels. With more brands joining the battle for the market, competition has intensified and the market for Star Cut Moissanite is in a state of disarray.

According to information, experts predict that in the next 10 years, China will account for 1/3 of the global jewelry market share in terms of consumption, becoming the largest jewelry demand country after the United States. The market muddle for Star Cut Moissanite is just a preview of things to come. Faced with a market in high demand, moissanite diamond ring manufacturers and brands need to stick to the long term and build their core competencies in terms of quality, style, and intellectual property.

Live and wedding ring circuit

"With its crystal-clear brilliance and noble elegance, the diamond has been the desire and dream of many beauty-loving women. However, due to its high scarcity, it was far from being enough. It was not until the introduction of moissanite diamonds that this awkward situation was broken. Due to its unique brilliance, clarity, fire, and especially its price, the Star Cut Moissanite faces a rare opportunity for growth in the field of live and wedding rings.

Compared to the luxury attributes of diamonds, Star Cut Moissanite, as a civilian consumer product, is closer to mass consumption and has a huge market space. The current market size of less than $10 billion is a far cry from the market capacity of Star Cut Moissanite, and there is still much room for market imagination. 2021 will see an orderly development of the moissanite market after nearly three years of chaotic competition, with quality becoming the priority competition chip.

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