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How to cleaning moissanite diamond

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How to cleaning moissanite diamond

  A popular name for moissanite diamond is synthetic silicon carbide, which has the optical and physical properties of South African diamonds. The fire color is more than 2.5 times that of natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Its Mohs hardness is second only to diamonds, reaching an astonishing 9.25, but the price is only 10% of diamonds, and it is the gem with the closest physical properties to diamonds. So does the Moissanite have radiation? How to clean and maintain it?

  Moissanite is artificially cultivated, and the composition is silicon carbide. Silicon carbide itself has no radiation, so it is not harmful to the human body. Moissanite has no radiation and is not a carcinogen. As long as you have some knowledge of moissanite, you know that moissanite is not harmful to the human body. And now more people like moissanite.
微信图片_20200804123345 Cleaning and maintenance:

1. Keep away from acid and alkali chemicals

 Acid-base chemicals will erode the surface of the Moissanite, reduce its aesthetics, and may damage its internal structural molecules and make its texture loose.

2. Do not expose to high temperature

  Under high temperature and strong light conditions, the Moissanite will expand and crack.

3. Regular cleaning and care

  Moissanite is lipophilic, so it needs to be rinsed regularly with clean water and dried with a soft cloth.

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