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How to choose Pear Cut Moissanite?

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How to choose Pear Cut Moissanite?

The Pear Cut Moissanite combines the advantages of the traditional round and horse's eye shapes to give it a more feminine and sensual appeal. When choosing a Pear Cut Moissanite, in addition to the often mentioned 4C grade, there are certain requirements for the cut proportions, etc. Below we share a professional Pear Cut Moissanite-related introduction and buying guide.

This is the list of contents.

· length to width ratio

· Selection advice

Length to width ratio

The overall aspect ratio of a Pear Cut Moissanite is a matter of personal preference. However, the aspect ratio determines the fatness of the Pear Cut Moissanite, the larger the aspect ratio the 'thinner' the moissanite will be, neither too fast nor too thin will look good. Common Pear Cut Moissanite has an aspect ratio of between 1.3 and 1.7. It is best to choose one with an aspect ratio between 1.48 and 1.55.

Selection advice

1. Pay attention to the symmetry of a Pear Cut Moissanite

Symmetry is an important element in the overall beauty of a gemstone, especially for fancy-shaped moissanite. To determine whether Pear Cut Moissanite is symmetrical, imagine a line along the long axis of the stone and check that both sides of the line match; the better the match, the better the symmetry. Note the consistency of the shoulders, belly, and wings on either side of the line in the diagram below, and how the shape, size, and position of the facets on each side of the stone correspond to each other.

2. Tabletop in the center of a Pear Cut Moissanite

Improperly positioned table facets can detract from the charm of Pear Cut Moissanite. To obtain maximum brilliance and fire, the table should be positioned at the center of the line of symmetry.

3. Checking the position of the pointed foot and inclusion

① The pointed base of Pear Cut Moissanite should be an equal distance from the sides of the diamond. In some pear shapes, the pointed base is contained within the keel line, which runs along the long line and intersects the bottom facet. As with the pointed foot, the distance from the keel line to each side of the moissanite should be the same.

② Position of the pear-shaped diamond inclusions

The area around the tip of Pear Cut Moissanite is the most vulnerable to breakage and it is best to avoid inclusions in this area; also, if the tabletop facets of Pear Cut Moissanite are large, inclusions will be more visible, so this aspect also requires special attention.

4. Avoiding the bow-tie effect on Pear Cut Moissanite

Many Pear Cut Moissanites show a darker color in the shape of a bow tie, a pattern that usually runs along the center of the table through the widest part of the moissanite, this is the bow-tie effect. The color of the bow tie varies from light grey to black. The darker or larger the area of the bow tie, the more it detracts from the ornamental quality of the front of the Pear Cut Moissanite.

The above is some professional advice on the selection of Pear Cut Moissanite. For more information on the selection, you can also contact our professional customer service advisors directly.Our website is www.messigems.com.

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