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2.01 carat E VS1 Round lab grown diamond EX

Brand Name: Messigems
Gemstone Material: Lab grown diamond
Gemstone Color: E
Gemstone Shape: Round
Gemstone Weight: 2.01ct

2.01ct lab grown diamond2.01ct lab diamond2.01ct lab made diamond2.01ct loose lab grown diamond2.01ct lab created diamond

2.01 carat E VS1 Round lab grown diamond 3EX

2.01 carat E VS1 Round lab grown diamond 3EX
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  In the 1990s, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was used to synthesize diamond films, which were deposited on solid-phase substrates to form polycrystalline films of diamond for industrial use. 2003 saw the synthesis of gem-quality single crystals by Apollo in the USA, and commercial production began. More recently, the Geophysical Laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA achieved a CVD synthesis rate of 100μm/h to produce a 10ct, half-inch thick single-crystal diamond. To further increase the size of synthetic diamond crystals, it is possible to grow colorless diamond single crystals in three dimensions at the inch scale (approximately 300ct) by sequentially growing them on six faces of the diamond substrate using CVD. High-pressure, high-temperature heat treatment has also been found to improve the color and hardness of synthetic CVD diamonds.