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The truth about white crystal

Apr. 08, 2019

  We know that natural crystals have their own meanings and functions. White crystals are the “king of crystals”, and their meanings are naturally very general.

  1. White crystal increases memory

  White crystal gemstone can continue to oscillate with light, and have a very good effect on clear thinking. Scientific research has found that as people grow older, their memory will gradually deteriorate. You may wish to wear white crystals, which can improve your memory. This is because white crystals produce continuous and stable vibration in the light, so it is a function that clears the mind, enhances memory and understanding. White crystal is suitable for students, improving memory and understanding, and is also suitable for people who need to keep their minds clear at all times.

  2. White crystal can ward off evil

  White crystals may be exaggerated in a certain sense, even if the effect of super-titanium crystal can not be said to be able to make a sound, but white crystal is indeed able to block the rush of gas, This is very clear. There are many people who will put white crystals in their homes. It is said that this can play the role of the town house to ward off evil spirits. This is because the ability of white crystals can make people feel calm, harmonious and pure, and can purify the surrounding and the human body itself. Energy, bring good luck, white crystal has the role of town house, town shop, evil spirits. In addition to these functions, white crystal can also play a role in blocking, gathering, balancing energy in the body and improving the potential of the aura.

white crystal

  3. White crystal can resist radiation

  Especially for crystal clusters and crystal balls, crystal clusters can not only reduce certain radiation, but also be used to purify crystal ornaments. Computers that reduce electromagnetic radiation have become common office tools, and sitting in front of computers for a long time is not good for health. You may wish to wear white crystals, which can reduce electromagnetic radiation. You can also place white crystals on or around computer, TV, microwave ovens and other electrical products to reduce the amount of radiation and protect the human body from electromagnetic waves. many.

  4. Improve work efficiency

  Many white-collar workers go to work very busy, and it seems that there are things that can't be done. Overtime has become a common practice. This type of people may wear white crystals often, and their ability can make people's mind clear and refreshed. If you place a white crystal column near your desk or book stand, you can help improve your productivity. Meditation with white crystals, or accessories with white crystals, will enhance your personal inspiration and agility.

  5. Improve the aura stimulation potential

  White crystal has its pure energy, effectively enhances the aura, stimulates the potential, and regulates the body to make the spirit more peaceful.

  6. Help build prestige

  Putting the white crystal cluster on the right rear of the supervisor helps to establish prestige, and the implementation of its orders is not dare to delay or perfunctory.

  Remind everyone: Although the white crystal has a strong purification effect, but it also needs to be purified, you can get the sun under the sun for half an hour, you can achieve the purification effect. So how do you distinguish white crystals?

crystal gemstone

  1. Touch by hand

  Crystals are cold in both cold winters and hot summers, and fake crystals made of glass and plastic cannot be imitated.

  2. Look with your eyes

  Naturally produced crystals are accompanied by certain impurities, bubbles, flocs, cracks, etc., even if the quality is good.

  3. Professional institutions

  If you have not identified the true and false crystals through the above methods, then sending them to the quality inspection organization is a more appropriate and reliable method.

  4. The spiritual power of white crystal

  In fact, the best way to identify is to feel its "spiritual power", that is, the influence of the magnetic field it emits on itself. But usually this method is for those who are more sensitive to crystal energy or who are more exposed.

  5. The weight

  The natural crystal feels its weight on the hand and should be heavier than the average glass. The crystal luster is really beautiful from any angle. And the crystal is usually cooler, and it feels a little bit "cold" with your fingers, which is cooler than normal glass. There is also the texture of the crystal is relatively hard, generally with nails, even with a knife gently stroke will not leave traces.

  6. there are growing shapes

  When selecting white crystal, the surface gloss of the crystal is mostly "light cyan", and it contains "inside inclusions", some are bright wafers, some are like clouds and fog, like mountains and rivers, because of its natural formation, random form, strong , singular and beautiful. The appearance of artificial crystals looks very pale and transparent, and some contain regular oval flocs, which are the layers of artificial crystals.

  7. see the light refraction

  Natural white crystal with birefringent polarizer, natural crystal every 90 °, will show the change of light and dark, and the bottom light can be seen. The synthetic crystals are dimmed, the underside lights are not visible, and the crystal glass and smelting crystals are bleak.

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