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Tanzanite stone - "The heart of the ocean"

Mar. 06, 2019

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The reason why tanzanite has been so loved since ancient times may be because of its long sapphire or the uniqueness of the place of origin.

1. The true about tanzanite

 Olivine, the most important rock-forming mineral in the upper mantle, a kind of mafic mineral. The main component is iron or magnesium silicate. It also contains manganese, nickel, cobalt and other elements. The crystal is granular and belongs to the island-like silicic acid. salt. Olivine metamorphism can form serpentine or magnesite and can be used as a refractory material. Peridot was discovered about 3,500 years ago on St. John's Island in the ancient Egyptian territory.Gem-grade olivine is mainly divided into rich yellow-green olivine, golden green olivine, yellow-green olivine, rich green olivine (also known as dusk emerald or western emerald, evening primrose emerald) and celestial gems (produced in It is very rare in the meteorite.) The high-quality olivine is transparent olive green or yellow-green. The clear and beautiful color is very pleasing to the eye, symbolizing the good wishes of peace, happiness and peace. In the war between some ancient tribes, peace was often expressed by the exchange of olivine. In some temples in Jerusalem, there are still olivines inlaid thousands of years ago.

Tanzanite stone

2. The unique charm of tanzanite

 Moissanite gemstone is very beautiful,but the unique beauty of tanzanite is unmatched by other gems. Its deep blue color is what most people yearn for. Many European and American movie stars also have a special liking for tanzanite, such as Titanic. The Sea Star in the movie is cut from tanzanite, and its color is impressive and impressive. Or because the tanzanite has a special strong pleochroism, it often allows people to observe blue, purple or purple red on the same tanzanite from different directions and angles, which adds to the beauty of tanzanite. The mysterious color seems to tell people that Tanzanian stone is from the ancient and mysterious Tanzania, which makes it difficult to read and understand.

 Tanzanite is superior to other colored gemstones in addition to fascinating colors and special pleochroism. It is capable of maintaining high clarity and transparency under the premise of large carats, often more than ten carats of tanzanite. There are few obvious flaws or inclusions inside, and they are very transparent. This is beyond the reach of tourmalines, grape stones, and even rubies and sapphires. Therefore, when you see a huge tanzanite in a jewelry store and you can't see the obvious inclusion inside, don't doubt your eyes. He is tanzanite, which is the unique charm of tanzanite.

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