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Will synthetic gemstone become popular?

Jan. 16, 2019

What is a synthetic gemstone? That is, all or part of the artificially produced inorganic products, and their physical properties, chemical compositions and crystal structures are substantially the same as the corresponding natural gemstones. That is to say, the difference between synthetic gemstones and natural gemstones is not great. It is only artificially simulating the formation environment of gemstones to produce gemstones, and it is controllable in terms of color and clarity.


However, the resources of natural gemstones are limited, but now many gemstones are sold in stock in the hands of sellers. So the current gemstones can still supply what is currently needed. The appearance of synthetic gemstones will satisfy some of the idea of buying large gemstones at low prices. Synthetic gemstones will have their own market.


In addition to the imbalance between market supply and demand, synthetic gemstone need to be alleviated, humanity is an important factor in the development of synthetic gemstones. As we all know, the mining of gemstones is very difficult and dangerous. There are not many people who die every year, and many gemstones have conflicts. The mined stones are often used to launch conflicts. From a humanistic point of view, this is immoral. Because of social responsibility, many jewelry companies will choose to resist such gemstone.

 Will synthetic gemstone become popular

As the processing technology matures, the synthetic stone can make a texture and color that is very close to that of natural stone. It should be better in the future, and it can also make some textures that natural stone does not have. These colors make people choose the range. It is no longer limited to the limited texture of natural stone, enriching the designer's design ideas. For example, the price of carat diamonds is now more than 30,000. The price of synthetic Moissanite is only one-tenth of that of diamonds. It is similar in appearance. Only people or instruments that know how to do it can identify true and false.


There are also many people who buy Moissanite stone. Many people buy jewelry just for an ornament. The biggest difference between natural and synthetic diamonds is persistence and collectability. The products are rare, the natural diamonds are rare, and the synthetic diamonds can be mass-produced, similar to hand-made and machine-made.


The gemstone that are now more and more developed by technology are also very realistic. Some synthetic gemstone can't be identified without using instruments. As long as they are not used by unscrupulous merchants to lie, the wholesale synthetic gemstone have both the beauty of gemstone and the lack of ambiguity. The striate has become flawless, so the jewels made from synthetic gemstone have their own market because of the low price.

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